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Last week, I celebrated my first 10 years of being an Entrepreneur.

As I reflected back on the past decade I realized how much I was driven by insecurity, anger, and Hate.

I realized all the times I was stuck, broke and miserable.

And when I found what got me back on track

and persisting despite the challenges.

I had a Breakthrough!

I realized WHY I do what I do

and WHY I will continue doing it

for decades to come.

In fact, this core principle will allow you to

Achieve Success in any area life.

And that is

by Simply working

from a place of Love.

When I truly loved myself I became Aware of the value
that I have in the marketplace.

When I learned to love the work,
I decided to spend thousands of hours to master my craft.

When genuinely loved people I served

and saw the Greatness within them,

I would not

allow them to play small

and not invest towards a better life!

Most importantly to operate a business out of Love.

One that is fueled by the heart

and not just with the head.

I used to be driven by anger, insecurity, and hate

Anger towards all the people that doubted me.

Hatred towards my competition, because I was focused on Crushing them’

Worst of all, insecurity because I hated myself for being weak, lazy and scared.

I never felt Enough.

It wasn’t until I started working from a place of Love

that everything started to Change..

To fuel your work from a place of anger and hatred is like using an
energy that burns hot and fast.

That is why we often get Burnout

And believe me,

I fully understood the meaning of being burnt out numerous times.

I was using something temporary outside of myself to Fuel me.

Feeling like the external displays of success I kept buying would give me that boost.

Or the fame and accolades would keep my drive alive.

But these external sources would come and go like the waves of the ocean.

Not knowing that I had oceans of love within me already.

I am not saying to Not to be driven by Fame and Wealth,

Sometimes you need to a taste it

Only realize that it will never take your Hunger away.

I was totally missing out on tapping into

the Most Powerful Force in the Universe,

which is the Power of Love.

When you work from a place of Love,

your Fire burns slower and Brighter.

You will gladly work hard and long hours because you would be doing it even if you didn’t get paid.

You endure the pain in living many years of your life like most people won’t,

so that you can spend the rest of your life like most people can’t.

You are willing to Pour your heart into your craft

and Serve at the highest level.

The Greatest World Changers all Operate from a place of Love.

That is why every Great entrepreneur evolves into a philanthropist.

That is one Highest Level of Giving.

Most people can’t fathom,

why you would work so hard

to build so much wealth,

Only to Give it ALL Away.

That’s because you don’t do it for the money.

I was stuck when I just did it for the money

The moment I tapped into Love being my dominant force.

I stopped focusing on Competition and Focused on Collaboration

I stopped focusing on getting happiness externally,

Because all I Need is within me Now.

I stopped focusing on commas in my bank account

and started focusing in the smiles I saw in the people I served.

I don’t know much about life,

but I do know that Love got me through 10 years

of pain, disappointment, and failure.

And I know that it will keep me going decades longer because it is

a Fuel that burns slower and brighter.

If there is 1 thing that you take away it’s this,

Wherever you are on your journey,

please Act from a place of Love.

Love will allow you to create something

that will last centuries and not just decades.

You will leave a legacy.

Just put your hand on your heart

and allow it to lead you.

Love will tell you

Who you need to Be.

What you need to Do.

Where you need to Go

And most importantly,

Why You Exist in the first place.


Needing nothing, Attracts everything.

If you think about any aspect of your life whether it’s your business or your relationships, the more NEEDY you are,

the more people you repel because that reeks of desperation.

If I’m on a sales call, I’m trying to sell my service to someone and I’m like,

“Buy my shit. Buy my shit. Buy my shit.”

They’re like, “What’s wrong with your shit and what is wrong with you?

Why are you pushing it on me?”

Same thing with relationships.

Someone is dating someone else and they’re texting them all day long.

“What are you doing?

Where are you?

I miss you. Do you miss me?”

The person is like, “Whoah, whoah, whoah. This person is kind of weird to be texting me every few minutes.”

That’s human nature because when people push themselves upon us,

in a sense, they give us a feeling that they’re incomplete without us.

if you truly love yourself, you know that you’re already complete.

You don’t need someone else or something to complete YOU.

And when you have the vibe that You Need Nothing,

You’re happy with everything

you tend to Attract More of it.

At the end of the day, it’s the expectations we have that throw us off.

Expectations cause suffering.

When you learn to Accept rather than expect,

your whole life will change.

The Pain of Rejection steems from the Tree of Expectation.

Instead, you should know that if someone does reject you,

that is protection.

Rejection truly is Protection at the end of the day.

If you’re trying to date someone and you’re doing your best and at

the end of the day they say,

“You’re not a good fit,”

well, that’s good.

You saved yourself from a lot suffering down the road.

There are certain situations where it’s good to persist.

But, at the end of the day, if you’re doing ALL Your Best

in business, in a relationship, and fitness

and it’s still not working out to your favor,

then don’t do more of it because

whatever you’re doing obviously ain’t working.

Just learn to walk away from it.

A wise philosopher once said,

“Don’t chase. Replace.”

If you truly love yourself and you’re doing your best in that situation.

And it’s not working out to your favor, then change the situation.

because the reality of it is you cannot be in a place to look for

external things to complete you.

Neediness exhibits that something else is going to make your life

better if you had it you would be complete.

Not having it makes you more desperate.

When you reek of desperation in any situation,

you become very unattractive.

So keep that in mind.

Needing nothing Attracts everything

And don’t chase. Replace.

Always do your best.

Love Yourself.

Know that you are already More than Enough.

And Accept whatever happens to you with open arms.

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