I Grew Up Poor

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I came to this country as a 1 year old refugee. Our immigrant family of 6 lived in a 1 bedroom apartment. Times were tough & some months we barely got by. For as long as I can remember I had financially limiting beliefs, money blocks & a scarcity mindset.
Growing up, at the dinner table I would often hear conversations about not having enough food for the family or how we may not have enough to cover the rent.

I was always worried as a child, being the oldest of 4 boys I took full responsibility for my family’s finances.

Over time, I worked my ass off at odd jobs & learned how to be extremely frugal. I saved my money & limited my expenses.

This worked for a while but it amplified my scarcity mindset because I was hoarding money & treating it like it was a scarce resource that was hard to come by.

This was not an ideal way to live long term. 😑

I became aware of my limiting beliefs about money & decided to invest time, energy & resources to overcome them.

Along with discovering effective ways of investing the money I earned so it grew exponentially through compound interest.

I binged watched videos.
Read countless books.

Even went as far as writing

“I am a Millionaire!”

100 times a day in my journal for a month. 😜

⚡️It wasn’t until I went to a Transformational event that was centered around finances where it ALL clicked! ⚡️

⚡️ I had a Breakthrough that changed my entire Story about Money!⚡️

Once I had a shift in my consciousness,

I asked myself…

“If I was Self Made Millionaire Right Now, 🤔

 How would I Think?
 How would I Speak?
 How would I Act?

I discovered how to flip the switch from Scarcity to Abundance.

🔥As my identity shifted so did my income! 🔥

Within weeks my Business started growing again,
I started to invest higher amounts in myself,
And took financial risks that once scared the shit out of me.

My entire belief structure around money changed!

I used to think money was hard to make & that I was destined to be poor.

💲 Now I truly believe that money flows to me easily & frequently. 💲

Or course,

I ain’t gonna manifest millions by sitting on a couch and smoking weed all day. (Although some people on youtube have done that successfully) 😎

💲 I truly feel that money is an energy and the more you give,
the more you attract. 💲

Last month, I fulfilled a life long dream of buying my father a car.

Buying that for him brought me more satisfaction than anything I ever brought for myself. 😍

💲The people who say money doesn’t buy happiness haven’t given enough of it away.💲

Besides believing that money Flows in Abundance,

you also have to Add Value to the world in order to attract it.

The economy works through supply & demand.

You get paid for bringing value to the marketplace.

And like Jim Rohn says,

“If you’re not very valuable

you don’t make much money”

Don’t ASK How do I make a million dollars.

Ask this,

💲How can I Add millions worth of VALUE?💲

What does that exactly mean? ⠀

It means if you focus on delivering Value to people
that will help them be better off than they were
before they met you.

Then the money will be a by product of the Value
you add to the world.

But before you go crazy on Value Adding Spree,

you must first work on your internal beliefs about money.

We all have a financial limiter, some of us are stuck at 10K a month while working our assess off,

while others can’t go below 1 Million per Month even if they screwed around all day playing video games.

We’ve all heard of the lottery winner who wins millions, only to lose it all just as quickly as it came into their life.

Or the Billionaire who goes bankrupt, only to regain their entire fortune within a year’s time.

Stuff like this fascinates me & because I spent a great portion of my life studying finances & healing my limiting beliefs around money.

I made a Commitment to help more people Overcome theirs!

I even started writing a book about this subject called

📈 “The Art of Abundance” where I dive super deep into these principles. 📈

In there I share inspirational case studies of various students that I’ve helped to completely reprogram their money mindset.

This is a subject I am passionate about & if you would like to learn more about this area or even get a pre-release of my book, leave a comment! 👇

Out of all my strategies, my favorite way to help people get rid of their money blocks is at my live events.

I feel the best way to create massive change is through immersion in a safe environment.

That is legit how I overcame my own limiting money beliefs!

💥💥💥I’m hosting an event at my house Feb 8 2020 & I will be sharing the exact process I used to shatter through my money blocks. 💥💥💥

Save your Spot by Going here http://bit.ly/2tIB8oU

Whenever you feel worried, stressed or depressed, it’s Life’s way of telling you that something is wrong. It’s a message that there’s something that you need to address immediately.

There’s something that you need to do more or less of.

There’s somewhere that you need to get into or out of.

There’s someone who is helping you or hurting you.

It is a sign that you are out of Alignment.

You’ll feel uneasy for reasons that are unclear to you.

You’ll be dissatisfied with your current life.

Sometimes, you’ll be unable to sleep.

Sometimes, you’ll be irritable.

Sometimes, you’ll feel like giving up.

Very often, you’ll get upset with things

that have nothing to do with the real issue.

You’ll have a deep inner sense that something is Severely Off.

You’ll feel like a leaf being blown in a tornado,

completely out of control.

Being whirled around by the wind.

Feeling powerless.

And that is a good thing!

Feeling out of Alignment always comes before a positive life change.

If you were perfectly satisfied,

you would never take any Action to improve your circumstances.

Only when you’re dissatisfied and disgusted with how things are

is when you make a Massive Change to turn your Life around!

They say pressure creates diamonds.

Fire refines gold.

Pain alerts you to what needs healing.

Just be honest about WHY you feel out of Alignment.

All Progress starts with Awareness.

If you are worried, stressed or depressed you need

to Open up about what is holding you back.

Otherwise, you’ll stay stuck.

It’s OK to ask for Help.

You do not have to suffer any longer.


Even when it’s difficult.

If you want to Heal, express how you Feel.

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