Aligned Relationships

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When you hear the word Alignment, it conjures up so many different things. If you look at it from a Simple definition, you realize that it is 2 things that fall into place equally.

The deepest and most profound level of alignment, comes in our relationships. An aligned relationship is a connection, unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

It consists of the ability to talk to someone for hours on end and never run out of things to say.

The aspect of touch is heightened where a mere brush sets of an explosion of feelings.

Alignment creates a shared vision of a compelling future, full of possibilities that brings out the best in one another.

At the highest level, both people’s needs are met mentally, physically, spiritually and sexually.

A beautifully aligned relationship is truly an incredible experience.

But why do most people settle for mediocre when they could have Extraordinary?

Well, the sad truth is deep down inside, they feel that they don’t deserve it.

They feel that they are not good enough to be loved by someone who respects them,

adores them, and treats them like the amazing person they are.

And, on the flip side, how do some people create these aligned relationships?

It’s because two people come together fully loving themselves,

and understanding that they are whole and complete just the way they are.

Even though someone else adds significance to their life, they will be just fine without them.

They do not expect someone to complete them, rather they look for someone to compliment them.

And this non neediness creates a bond that is so profound, that it is one of the strongest bonds in the universe.

A powerful synergy that defies the laws of mathematics.

Where in an average relationship 1+1= 2,
in an aligned relationship 1+1= 11.

Two forces come together and create a synergy that is far more powerful than the individuals being on their own.

I believe that this exists for each and every one of us.

Let’s say your current relationship is not at this ideal.

I’m not saying to dump your significant other and find someone new.

You both can create this type of relationship, it just takes work.

Like the saying goes,

you can suffer the pain of creating an amazing relationship or suffer the shittiness of a mediocre relationship.

If you’re single, it comes down to Knowing Exactly what You want and not settling for less.

Many people will tell you that this type of Aligned relationship does not exist and that it is all bullshit.

First off, check the source.

Does this person have an ideal relationship or did they settle?

You wouldn’t take stock tips from homeless person.

That is why I spend time studying and being around couples that have aligned relationships.

Success leaves clues baby!

The bottom line is to Never Ever settle.

Get crystal clear on Exactly what you want and keep your standards high.

Be the person you want to Attract and know in your heart that you Deserve the Best.

Be patient, it will happen when it’s meant to happen.

And while your patiently waiting,

Love yourself the way You want to be Loved.

You will be Aligned with someone that will Love you the same exact way,

and Everything will just Flow…

Remember, what You seek is seeking You.


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