First and foremost, I have so much love for you and no matter what you do, I will always support you. Ever since you came into my life it has never been the same. I have a love for you that is indescribable and it cannot be put into words. I want to share with you some lessons that I’ve learned on my journey of being a man.

When you enter this world, know that you are a canvas of infinite possibilities and life will be your greatest teacher.

You will go through storms, but they will teach you the beauty of sunshine.

You will meet people that hurt you, but they will teach you character.

You will be in difficult relationships, but they will teach you unconditional love.

I just want you to know that you can do anything that your heart desires.

This world is so abundant with opportunity.

If you follow your bliss, work hard and stay focused,

you will be the best in the world at whatever you set your mind to.

As you grow older you will begin to change physically.

Although I see you as the most beautiful boy in the world, you may see yourself differently.

You may focus on your imperfections, but they are what makes you, You.

There will be times when you will feel ugly.

There will be times when you feel fat.

There will be times when you doubt yourself.

Please understand that these feelings are not the truth,

they are just feelings that you must experience to discover who you truly are.

Just know that everyone else feels the same way and you are not alone.

Because of this, you must be kind to others.

Tell them you appreciate them and help people in need.

When you become a teenager, you will experience new feelings and have new thoughts.

This will awaken your masculinity.

You may think of women differently.

The girls that you thought were icky, will now be very desirable.

But know that you have within yourself,
a very strong sexual power,

it is something that you must share with someone special.

Do not hurt anyone with it.

Sex is an amazing gift that we all have.

When you blend it with love you will experience a pleasure that is unlike anything you’ve felt before.

Use it wisely.

Around this time, you will also start to care about what other people think of you.

Realize, that these people care more about themselves than you.

Everyone is fighting a battle that we know nothing about.

Be compassionate.

Then you will want to experiment.

Maybe it will be alcohol, maybe it will be drugs.

I am not here to tell you not to experiment,

but I’m here to tell you that these substances are temporary,

and they may give you a sense of love and euphoria,

but you already have that within your grasp at all times.

But, go ahead and experiment.

I’m not here to tell you not to, because I have learned the harsh realities of substance abuse.

It has taught me the many lessons I share with you today.

And as you reach adulthood, you will start to understand your gifts.

The same gifts that you had as a child when they were just developing.

Please share these gifts to serve the world and use them for good.

They are one of the many reasons why you were born.

And finally, don’t be afraid to love.

Don’t be afraid to express yourself.

It’s okay to cry.

Vulnerability is true strength.

Just know that I will always be here for you.

You’ve given me a purpose far beyond anything that I’ve ever felt before.

I am so proud of you.

I love you.

Yesterday I had a health scare that led me to the hospital.

I realize you can do everything possible to stay healthy, but that does not guarantee that you’ll be okay.

Your entire world turns upside down when your health is in danger.

When I was in the hospital bed, staring at the ceiling and awaiting the doctors results,

the only things that crossed my mind were the people I loved

and that I can never take life for granted.

I just wanted to be healthy again.

Thankfully, I’m doing better and recuperating.

Please don’t ask what happened, it was a random health scare that I don’t want to discuss in detail,
nor do I want anyone to worry about me.

Health truly is a precious asset that we don’t appreciate until it deteriorates.

Without it, nothing else matters.

I’m so grateful to feel “normal” again.

GIVE without expecting anything in return

Whenever I feel like I’m lacking something, I give it away to remind myself of how much Abundance I have in my life. When I experience a loss of money, I find someone in need and donate to them. When I’m feeling depressed, I reach out to one of my friends and cheer them up. […]

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Eradicate Racism

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What Drives your Life?

There is an evil force that is manipulating our minds and that is the media. Right now we are living in the most peaceful time in All of history. The world is only going to get less violent as time passes. This is a fact that you will never hear on the news, if you don’t […]

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Trying not to catch dogflu

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Celebrating Who I’ve Become…

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bullshit friendships

I no longer have the patience for bullshit friendships. If we don’t vibe on the same level, there’s no reason for us to waste each others time. I’d rather have a friend who energizes me and everything just flows. Instead of wasting time with forced interactions that drain my batteries.

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Accidental Encounters

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true friend

One if the most cherished relationships is that of a true friend. Especially when you’re going through a tough time and someone has the ability to cut through the bullshit and remind you who you truly are. That is one of life’s greatest blessings, having a friend that has your back no matter what.

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