I’m grateful for my parents taking care of me while I’ve been recovering from surgery from my broken leg. When I had an overdose that put me in a coma for a week, they were the only ones that stayed at the hospital, day & night, until I came back to Life. Moments before my near-death experience, the only thing that came to mind was how much I loved them. When I got my second chance at life, I vowed to become a better man so I could make them proud.

They sacrificed so much & supported me through all my Ups & Downs. I would not be alive if it weren’t for them.

As an adult, needing your parents to help you walk, clean yourself & change your underwear is a humbling experience…

That is why I never take my family for granted.

I am blessed that my parents are still alive.

I know there are many people who don’t have this blessing.

They say that parental love is the only love that is truly selfless, unconditional & forgiving.

We never know the love of a parent until we become parents ourselves.

I hope that when I become a dad I can love & support my children as much as my parents did for me.

In difficult times like this, we realize who & what is most important in life.

If you have someone you love close to you, please give them a hug for me.

This has been the most painful experience of my life. The 1st pic was taken 1 month ago at the hospital in Brazil where I had the freak accident that changed my life forever. My Quad muscle tore off the bone & rolled up my thigh. It was the most excruciating pain I’ve ever dealt with!

Especially being paralyzed in 1 spot waiting in uncertainty to fly back home to have emergency surgery.

The 2nd pic is today. I’m 19 days post-surgery & I am humbled.

I still can’t walk or bend my leg.

I feel like a toddler who is learning to take his first steps.

Other than the pain & immobility. The long bouts of loneliness have been challenging.

I’ve been Quarantined a month before the rest of the world & boy does it suck!

Besides the darkness, difficulties & the fact that I’ll never be a leg model 😋

There have been a lot of positive things that came out of this experience.

I am seeing so many people supporting & connecting with each other.

And because of that, I just got inspired by an idea! 😁

My favorite thing to do is to facilitate live events.

Unfortunately because of my broken leg & the Rona I had to cancel all of my seminars.

Instead of letting my current circumstances stop me.

I decided to get resourceful and create a FREE Virtual Seminar!

It will be a super fun party of connection, self expression, personal development & discussions of creating financial abundance!

I also have 10 years of experience coaching people to build online businesses, so I want to Give Back by showing people how to create income from their superpower!

This event won’t just be about me.

I want everyone on there to Serve with their Superpower.

This way we can all lose ourselves in the service of others!

This downtime allows us to do a Hard Reset & Create something that is more aligned with our Higher Purpose!

I want to bring together conscious achievers to mastermind & connect Virtually from home.

My intention is to Co Create something EPIC where like-minded individuals help each other Grow!

This way we can hold each other Accountable towards higher levels of success & abundance.

If this is something you want to take part in simply,

Join this Group: Conscious Connection Community (LOVE)

I am going to host the first virtual seminar this

Thurs 3/26 at 7pm EST.

I will post all the details for you in the Group.

I am inspired beyond belief & I want to help more people in this chaotic time.

Most importantly it will allow me to Maximize this Moment with my broken leg & Connect with Amazing people.

I’m super excited for this event & I look forward to connecting with you on a deeper level 💙

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