I’ve held my finger on the publish button for a very long time.

Now that you’re reading this, I decided to open up about some things that I’ve been going through.

I’ve been having a few challenges lately and it feels like I’m going through a new transition in my life.

I’ve had some breakdowns as of late and I know they are opening up space for a Major Breakthrough.

In these moments of despair,

I looked deep within to find out why I have not been feeling like myself?

One thing that keeps coming up is my desire to have my own family and to experience fatherhood.

Meeting Rafaela was one of the best things that have happened to me, despite all of the challenges I’ve faced in 2020.

As our relationship has blossomed over the past 9 months, I know that this is the next step in our lives.

I’ve also become aware of the changes I need to make within myself in order to deserve such a precious gift.

Lately, a few items came to the surface which I need to work on

and it’s not something that I’ve shared publicly,

So I followed my intuition and went to work on the things I needed to clean up.

Mostly, getting closer to my Family and focusing on more Love and contribution towards all the people in my life.

At first, things seemed to go great.

I was feeling energized and excited as I started making the changes that I’ve been putting off for so long.

I was proud of myself because these are things I’ve been meaning to do

and I was now taking the appropriate actions.

However, I was held back by a lot of inner resistance.

It was as though a part of me did not want to

Evolve to my next level.

As I was making positive changes,

I constantly saw some of my old patterns coming to the surface.

This all happened over the past few months.

Dealing with Life’s stresses and limitations from my broken leg:
My torn Quaricep, not able to walk/move like I used to,

and the ongoing pain I still feel daily from my multiple surgeries.

I began to regress back to my old ways of drinking and using different supplements to numb my body & mind.

I felt myself getting into similar patterns of when I was younger and self-medicating with supplements just to get through the day.

I continued to rationalize my behavior because these were things you can get from the internet legally

and they are far less toxic than the hardcore drugs I took when I was younger.

Regardless, I didn’t want to rely on anything…

I felt deep in my heart that I was out of integrity.

I did not Need these things so I Stopped taking them altogether.

In doing so, I lost myself and my entire world came crumbling down.

It was as if I lost my grip on life

and I forgot who I was?

I got mad at myself, because after all these years of personal growth and enjoying sobriety,

I became unconscious and Relapsed back into my old ways of self-medicating to heal my pain.

Even though I was taking these substances, I was still
getting up every morning, journaling, doing my 10 min Mindset routine, other routines & Meditating,
but I was also Self-Medicating

Just to get more Energy, Focus, Ease my Pain, and Improve my Performance as an Entrepreneur.

I rationalized that I was more Productive than ever and that these weren’t “hard drugs”…

I wasn’t addicted, but I relied on these substances which went against my core values.

All in all,

I just wanted to do the right thing and become a better person.

However by being pulled back to my old ways,

I crumbled.

I soon realized that although I took major steps forward in my life,

I took a giant step backward too.

I broke down.

And I hit rock bottom.

That’s why I decided to STOP ANYTHING that alters my mind, even if it’s safe or over the counter.

I realized that this is something that is not going to happen easily.

I understand that nothing worthwhile comes easily

to Anyone in life.

But I am Committed and sharing this with you to stay Accountable!

Rather than me just sharing a struggle that I’m having,

I also want to share a solution that we could both take away.

Often our hearts are pulled towards certain desires.

Many times, we don’t know the exact reason

and we don’t know the exact challenges that will come in the way on the path to becoming a better person.

Believe me,

when you’re wanting something so badly with your heart,

you end up receiving challenges that are difficult to see how badly you want it.

You must realize that by overcoming these challenges,

you will Rise Above

and get to the place you need to be.

By elevating yourself

you will evolve to become the person you need to be.

These are the things that form your new identity;

because once you grow into that next level version of yourself,

only then will you deserve the prize that awaits you.

I am now realizing how important it is for me to become a better man,

and this road is difficult for many reasons.

A major part of me becoming the man I need to be

is to operate with Full Authenticity.

For me to relapse into drinking and abusing supplements to numb myself was a major blow to all that I have worked on.

And it brought me to my knees.

This is why I feel the need to Share this with You honestly,

And to also to make you realize that no matter how clean and polished we portray ourselves

we are all fighting a battle that nobody else knows about.

This is a part of life.

No matter where you are in life,

the challenges and struggles you face will never ever go away.

So rather than not wanting them to exist,

You begin to welcome each set back as a way to growing into a

better version of yourself.

So today I am asking for you to share something you’re going through.

Open up your heart, express what you feel.

It does not have to be publicly on social media like I’m doing now.

Even if you call a close friend and vent about a challenge you are facing.

It begins the healing process that will make you better.

Remember, to Never worry alone.

It’s okay to ask for Help,

because we’re all going through something in one way or another.

And moving forward,

I’m going to ask for more help like I’m doing right now.

I’ve come to realize that Vulnerability is True Strength.

I am not perfect by any means and I am not afraid to admit it.

That being said,

I urge you to Communicate.

Even when it’s difficult.

If you want to Heal,

Express how you feel…

– I Appreciate You.

Tim Ferriss’s recent vulnerability about being sexually abused inspired me to a new level of Braveness!

I will explain why shortly…

I had the honor of attending Date With Destiny with him.
It was truly a Life-Changing experience!

I’ve always admired Tim for his ability to break down complex subjects into Simple processes that have greatly enhanced my life and millions of others.

He is definitely the world’s top expert on Self Optimization.

His 1st book the 4 Hour workweek inspired me to start my first business.

His podcasts improved so many areas of my life and I’ve become a better communicator just by studying his world-class interviewing skills.

I recently finished listening to his most Vulnerable podcast episode where he openly discusses being Sexually abused from the ages of 2 to 4 by his babysitter’s son.

I’ve been following him for over a decade and I was shocked to hear him open up about such a sensitive subject.

After all this time, I had no idea that he went through such a traumatic experience!

I, myself experienced abuse and trauma as a child so it hit close to home.

For me, the episode was both insightful and therapeutic as I reflected on all of the pain & healing I’ve experienced since I was a child.

Tim also shared all of the resources, techniques & plant medicines he used to aid his healing process.

Some of them were quite unconventional.

I decided to take his advice and invest in testing some of the healing modalities over the next few months.

If you have experienced trauma or know someone who is going through a tough time,

I posted the podcast down below and a list of proven healing resources depending on how open-minded you are.

I have so much respect for people that have gone through extreme trauma, survived it,
and now help others overcome their own.

After doing some research, I’ve realized that over 60% of people have experienced trauma as a child.

We have all been hurt by someone else at one point in our lives.

Some decide to be a victim.

They constantly blame others for their shortcomings and never do the work to heal and help others.

Victims are driven by significance.

The constant story of being hurt by someone, makes them feel important.

Some decide to be a perpetrator.

They devote their life to inflicting pain on others.

Like a virus, they pass their pain on to every person they encounter, thus continuing the cycle of trauma being passed on from Person to Person.

Generation to Generation.

The most Hurt people

Hurt the most people.

I’m truly inspired by those who break the chain of pain.

One day they decide to take Full Responsibility and do the work towards bettering themselves.

They made a choice to turn their suffering into something meaningful and positive.

They devote their lives to Healing

They refuse to be a victim!

And would not Dare hurt another human!

They are the True Superheroes.

There is nothing more beautiful than someone who goes out of their way to make life beautiful for others.

If you have overcame pain and broke the chain of passing on to someone else.

First off,

I Appreciate you and I Salute you 🙏

Second, I would love for you to Share…

1. What was the most difficult Pain that you Overcame?

2. What is something that you’ve done to Help others who are suffering?

Superhero Stories inspire me like crazy! ❤️

Here’s the podcast about sexual abuse: 


Trauma Resources and healing modalities:


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