Hanging Out With Old People

by AJ Mihrzad on

I just had an epic conversation with a little 87 year old woman at starbucks, man I love hanging out with old people. She was ice cold too, had those terminator shades on and reeked of potpourri. She had grumpiness that was very entertaining. I listened patiently for an hour while she ranted about the escalating costs of coffee and stamps… No matter the topic of conversation, I walk away feeling better talking to an elder. I’ve always dreamt of an elderly woman giving me the middle finger, I would just hug her then and there. You gotta love that don’t give a shit mentality the elderly have. They are so full of wisdom, having close to a century of life experience.

They’ve dealt with so many incidents of joy and heartache, along with the deaths of their loved ones. The elderly are at peace with what they have- material things, status and looks aren’t important to them. What you see is what you get. The advice of an older person is golden; they’ll tell you the brutal truth without thinking twice about.

Best of all they have the most amazing stories, you’ll learn more from them than an Ivy league grad that’s wet behind the ears. I’m convinced that each moment you spend with a senior citizen extends both your life and theirs. I deeply admire and respect each and every one I meet.

If you think they’re cool now, imagine them a few drinks deep. Wrinkles + whiskey Always = goodtimes

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