You’re Made Of Stars

by AJ Mihrzad on

I always request the window seat when I fly. I stare out the window with childlike awe as the plane gains altitude while the world around me decreases in size. As I fly higher the same building that towered over me becomes the size of an ant. It just occurred to me that our worries decrease in significance as we compare them to the the bigger picture of our life.

Our problems seem insurmountable when we focus on them, but in reality they’re a mere thought in our minds that we give power to. That single thought doesn’t mean shit when we gain perspective toward how insignificant it truly is. Looking down on the earth from 30k feet makes me realize the sheer beauty of nature and how it just exists.

Yet within that same landscape there are billions of people operating with the stories in their minds. On an even higher level when you look at the earth from space, you see it’s true essence. A beautiful blue planet thriving with life existing as miracle amongst the surrounding orbiting rocks in the vast cold dead space. Even our magnificent galaxy is but a tiny speck in the the grand scheme of the universe.

It just make your think how insignificant your issues truly are. They say that we are made from the particles of stardust that formed eons ago, yet at times we feel as small as the dust beneath our shoes. I guess that’s what happens when you rise above the bullshit that clouds your mind. You realize your greatness as the offspring of a star whose sole purpose is to illuminate the world.

Rising above the bullshit give your greater clarity akin to rising above the clouds. Man I really feel blessed right now, not just for this insight but also for the wifi on this plane that allows me to share it with you…

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