Why are we Attracted to Nice Butts?

by AJ Mihrzad on

images (2)This was an interesting question posed to me as fitness pro and it required further research…

The fitness industry is on a global mission to eradicate the pancake butt epidemic that is spreading from ass to ass around the world.

Why walk through life with a deflated hiney, when there are so many methods to cure this fixable disease?

Apparently we are attracted to round butts because they were a strong fitness indicator for our ancestors.

A firm tight ass proved that you out could out run predators and evade from dangerous situations, thus allowing you and your mate’s DNA to be passed on to the next generation.

As our world became more civilized, the threats of living in the wild also lessened. In turn, these amazing asses of ours decreased in use.

We became more sedentary and spent more time sitting on the damn thing than using it for it’s main purpose. It time it became as flat as the chairs we sat on.

Currently, there’s an alarming level of depressed gluteus maximuses populating the world around us. This breaks my heart since it’s a curable disorder. 🙁

If you look in the mirror and your ass is exactly parallel to it. You are Not Alone.

It’s never too late to achieve gluteal superiority.

Don’t believe that your genetics are limiting you from having a great ass, there is still hope!

Please contact your local fitness professional immediately, we are here for You…

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