How do you Cure an itchy Crotch?

by AJ Mihrzad on

itchy-crotchOnce I was at a Walmart (Don’t Judge) late at night looking for a lighting fixture to replace the burnt one in my garage.

Out of nowhere an odd looking man approached me looking for something.

I’m not sure why he chose me?

From the few words of English he knew and from his attempts at sign language
I quickly learned he was looking for something to remedy a personal itching problem…

He kept pointing to his privates and making a scratching gesture.

Yep, down there, he kept nodding.

I didn’t know what to recommend to him?

I never had a scratching issue of that severity. Especially one that
led me to Walmart late at night.

I honestly don’t know of any products that ease men’s itching issues?

Baking powder?

Aloe Vera?


Then he kept saying MUJER! MUJER!.

I soon remembered that Mujer means woman from high school Spanish.

I figured it was for the woman in his life, as he was scratching his
genital region and saying MUJER!

I then decided to direct him to the monistat and vagisil.

He was even more confused and turned an even deeper red under his dark brown skin.

By no means am I the vaginal itch expert, but I vowed to help
this man heal his woman of her scratchiness!

I tried to show him some other things, but I was very confused and

It was difficult to communicate with all the genital gestures.

Just to be safe, I gave him a cream for athletes foot, some vagisil and a tube of Preparation H.

That should cover all bases.

Hopefully her itchy crotch was cured and they lived happily ever

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