I Want To Hear Your Voice

by AJ Mihrzad on

i_want_to_hear_your_voiceThere’s something deep within my soul, a feeling of love and aliveness that I’ve never felt before. It comes out of my heart, passes through my vocal chords, and is heard through my voice.

It’s like some ancient knowledge passed down through the DNA of my ancestors from millions of years ago. The moment that man was able to express himself in the most rudimentary ways it came out.

It was a new way to express ones thoughts. I’m so grateful that it was passed down to me.

I have a voice, and I have an opinion, and I have a passion.

That same voice is deep within you as well. It needs to be seen, spoken, and sang.

Whether you draw or dance, it needs to be expressed.

I want to listen to it. Let it out.

I used to be shy and I kept my passion inside of me. When you contain you passion it slowly dies within you.

It’s like putting your soul in prison. The worst type. Solitary confinement.

It was near death until every cell of my body screamed to let it out. So I gave it freedom.

Now it flows through every pore in my body.

This same passion lives within you.

In a place that has existed all along.

I’m not telling you anything new. This is something that you know deep within your soul.

It’s just that you aren’t sharing this passion with the world.

It’s been clouded by fear and insecurity.

Your voice has been muffled by the limitations created in your life.

When you were a child it came out easily. Loud and clear.

As you grew older the volume slowly decreased. Now you are quiet.

I’m here to tell to you not to hold back, your voice needs to be shared.

What good is a diamond if you keep in in your pocket.

I want to hear you. I want to learn from you. I want to feel you.

I want your words to inspire me to become a better version of myself.

I want to absorb your pain and take some away from you.

I want to learn the wisdom you accumulated through your peaks and valleys.

I just want to see you doing what you love, because it helps me share more of mine.

The reality is that I cease to exist without you.

My voice is nothing without your connection.

The most beautiful sound means nothing if it is not heard.

It’s like screaming into a cave. The echoes don’t have an ear to be expressed to.

Now that you listened to me.

I’m here to listen to you.

I want to hear the music that comes from the depths of your soul.

I want to hear every note no matter how bad you think it sounds.

I want to know why you exist and what you were born to do.

You have a voice with a purpose.

And that purpose is to be shared, and I want to hear it.

Talk for as long as you’d like…

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