Why can’t you see yourself the way that I see you??

by AJ Mihrzad on

aa45c61dbae8883b50c0c8a6eaad5a81When I see your potential. I envision a future so bright. I know how far you can go, and what you are capable of.

When you see yourself do you see darkness in your horizon, your shortcomings and the places you didn’t amount to much?

When I reflect on how far you’ve come. I savor your victories, the battles you’ve won and the things you’ve achieved.

When you see yourself, do you see your failures, disappointments, and the scars that still make you bleed?
When you express yourself, I sense an intelligence so profound that it goes beyond the confines of your mind.

When you judge yourself, do you think about your mistakes?

The regretful decisions you made that replay over and over, making you feel ignorant and blind.

When I look at you I see your beauty. The natural imperfections that make you . Every aspect flows in its appropriate place.

Physically you are perfect in every conceivable way.
When you see yourself, do you see your flaws? The areas that need to be improved.

Do they glare at you in the mirror and take your focus off the whole of your unique physical presence?

Why can’t you see yourself the way that I see you??

If you did, you’d truly see your greatness, shining bright for all to see.

I wish I can take my eyes and give them to you, then you would see your true essence.

You are amazing and I won’t give up on pushing you to your best.

I’ll hold your hand for as long as it takes.

I have your back.

I’m here for you.

Because when I doubt myself, I can lean on you.

I wish I could see myself the way you see me.

I guess that is the beauty of life. Knowing that we limit ourselves, but we persist despite it.

We will doubt ourselves until the day we die.

Yet there’s a desire deep within that drives us toward our destined path.

Tomorrows a better day and we will do better.

Life’s about the journey.
Overcoming obstacles,
Surmounting setbacks,
Transcending tragedies.

That’s why we’re on this path together, pushing each other, making each other better.

The fact that we aren’t in each other’s lives every step of the way is not important.

The truth is that I feel your presence.

We are in this together through and through.

All I ask to take a moment to see yourself as I see you…

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