Why crawl when you were meant to fly?

by AJ Mihrzad on

MTM-whycrawlwhenyoucanflyThe other day,I had the pleasure of babysitting my one-year-old cousin. She’s a little firecracker. So vibrant and full of life. She’s at the stage where she’s transitioning from crawling to walking.

As I’m watching her, I’m amazed by her persistence. She’ll walk a few wide steps then fall flat on her squishy diaper.

Immediately she’ll of push herself up and take a few more wobbly steps. It’s a nonstop cycle of getting up then falling down with enthusiasm.

Her eyes sparkle and gleam with an unrelenting drive to try harder and harder.
It made me realize that we were all there at one point in our lives. Believing in ourselves, knowing that we could walk, and giving our ALL until we accomplished it.
There’s an innate drive within us that wants us to progress and move forward. As we became older, this powerful force exhibits itself in all our achievements.

Naturally progressing in every area of our lives.
But something goes wrong along the way, and fear takes us over…
There’s a moment where we stop getting up and moving forward. When we stop pushing ourselves.

We identify with our falls and failures and give up on pursuing our dreams.
Now imagine if this little girl gave up and decided to crawl the rest of her life.
The truth is that walking is challenging, while crawling is comfortable.
Sadly, some people give in and decide to crawl their entire lives.

This isn’t a part of our human nature.
We naturally have a propensity for progress. But fear hits us and we become complacent.

As I’m getting older I’m becoming aware of those around me giving up on their passions, and settling for things that don’t make them happy.
What went wrong along the way?
When they were babies, their minds were limitless and they persisted until they achieved whatever they set their minds to.

At a certain point fear overtook them and they surrendered to the status quo.
I urge you not to give up. Continue doing the things you Love.

If you ever want to find out your Life’s purpose, just point at yourself…

Notice how your finger is placed directly on your heart.
When you’re born your passion is placed there. It stays in your heart for as long as you live.

Your purpose is to discover it, and to touch others with the love that you possess.
When that Love to binds to them, they feel your passion resonating within their soul.

Instantly they become aware of what you were born to do.

When we persist on our passions,we go higher than we ever thought possible.

Why crawl when you were meant to fly.

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