Lessons from a Pitbull

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I had a really crazy experience this morning! I was taking a walk around my neighborhood and as I am going up this hill, I see this big ass scary pitbull walking toward me directly in my path.

This dog was HUGE!

Looked about 200 lbs and had thick bulging muscles that flexed violently
as he walked.

I froze for a moment because I quickly realized that there was no owner with the dog.

At first, my body tensed up just in case this dog decided to attack me.

The giant pitbull then started to walk faster and faster towards me

as if his eyes were focused directly on me.

I remembered not to show any fear
because dogs can sense that.

As he got closer he started to pick up speed

and he just lunged at me.

I tensed my body to prepare for what was to come.

He jumped on me with such fierce excitement

he then started to smell me

and lick me to see if he knew me.

I then saw his tags and soon realized that it was a stray dog that got away from his owner.

As I started to walk, the dog stayed right by my side

putting his rock hard head and shoulders against my legs.

I felt bad for the dog and realized his owner is probably worried

looking all over for him.

I was amazed at how quickly this dog connected with me and looked to me for direction.

Being that he was lost and wasn’t used to fending for his own,

he was looking for someone to attach to and be led.

As I was walking with this gentle beast, I started petting and showing him love

and he reciprocated by rubbing even more against me.

It heart warming to feel the unconditional love a dog as for you,

I quickly bonded with this dog that I thought was going to rip my face off.

At that moment I had an epiphany!

I realized that this dog represents the people in our lives that look up to us and want us to lead them.

Maybe they don’t just jump on you and lick your face to show this,
but they are all around you.

Whether they’re looking up at you with their tiny innocent eyes,

watching your videos on Facebook,

or even asking you for advice about the things in their life.

These people NEED You!

And as leaders, we have a two part purpose.

One part is to be strong for people that need to be lead

and the second part is to be vulnerable when we are weak

so people can be strong for us.

Most importantly, we have to lead by example because we never know who is watching us.

Often times, we don’t realize how many people depend on us for guidance.

I walked around my neighborhood for about an hour,

going to every single house trying to see if I could find the owners for this dog.

As I continued to walk I was starting to feel hopeless that I would never find the owner.

Then out of nowhere, an SUV pulled up right in front of us,

slammed the brakes

and a distraught middle-aged woman jumped out screaming and yelling.

Brutus! Brutus! Brutus!

I soon realized she was the owner of the dog.

She gave it a big hug,

thanked me,

and said that she was looking for Brutus for the past few hours.

She was So Happy that she finally got him back!

I had my last bit of eye contact with Brutus as his tail was wagging

in the back of the SUV right before it pulled off.

It’s interesting how certain things come into your life

and it inspires something else.

I guess, that is the beauty of life.

In that brief experience, the unconditional love of a dog taught me the importance of living by example
for the people in my life.

After all, what you do on a moment to moment basis has far greater impact than what you say.

The world is changed by people’s examples and not by their opinions.

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