Generate Love from within

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Love is only source of energy that can never be depleted,
it flows in abundance and radiates from every cell of our being.

At any moment, you can allow oceans of love to fill your soul.

Once you realize this you will never feel alone.

You must also keep this in mind…

All the love in the world cannot penetrate a heart that is closed.

The moment you decide that you are not worthy of love

is the exact moment you create barriers to block it out.

In every moment you can cross your arms
and cover your heart.


You can open your arms and welcome love,

this creates a clear path so it can
flow with ease.

Love is a conscious choice.

It’s your birthright and your purpose for existence.

So be open to receiving and giving love at all times.

It is not something you wait for.

It is not something you search for.

Your Ability to Generate Love from within

is your Greatest Superpower.

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