Manufacture your own happiness

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There are 2 ways to become Happy

the most common way is to wait.

Wait for the vacation
Wait for good things to happen
Wait for someone to give it to you
Wait to win the lottery ( good luck buddy)

The second path to happiness is to manufacture it.

What I mean by that is having a practice that keeps you in peaceful state of happiness.

Some examples:

Self talk

There are many ways to manufacture a consistent flow of happiness at All times.

You must discover a habit that works for you

and practice it as much as possible.

I find it fascinating that when people start to gain weight

they understand that they need to

move more or eat less.

But when one is unhappy they quickly go to an external source

like alcohol or junk food

rather than manufacturing it within.

I’m telling you this

because I was once that drunk fat dude who

constantly looked outside for happiness.

It wasn’t until I realized

that happiness is an inside job.

The more you manufacture your own happiness

the more you live in a beautiful peaceful state.

So that being said,

you have a choice to wait until happiness finds you


manufacture it from within

and get High off your own Supply.

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