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I feel this incredible sense of Oneness with the Universe. A sense Love that I’ve never quite experienced before,

but at the same time it feels oddly familiar.

Most of my life was lived in my head.

And we all know that when you are in your head,
you’re dead.

But when I tap into the depths of my soul,

I realize that we are ALL interconnected.

Science proves this.

At the smallest level we are One in the same.

We are made of the same components of

stars galaxies away.

When you experience this immense connection you have with ALL there is,

you will never feel alone.

Except when the Ego

breaks your beautiful bond.

You see, the ego causes us to compare

and that causes separation.

It separates us from this infinite Love that is

within our grasp at all times.

In this beautiful place you do not suffer,

you do not compare,

and you never feel alone.


You Feel Limitless

Beyond the confines of the human mind.

Beyond the stories that keep you small.

Believe me,

I’m far from having it all figured out,

but I’m doing my best to articulate what I’m

experiencing right now.

I know, it’s pretty deep.

It’s hard to describe this profound

Oneness in my heart with words.

It allows life to Flow with ease.

When you comprehended and there’s a thin fabric that connects

every situation,

every person you meet,

And Everything as a whole,

Life takes on a whole new meaning.

It all starts with

Loving Yourself,

Loving the People in your Life,

And Loving each and every Moment.

Become ONE with it ALL.


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