Lose yourself to find yourself

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Losing yourself can feel terrible because you lose grip of what is certain.

But sometimes you must Lose Yourself to Find yourself.

And it’s not that you get lost,

in reality,

you lose the parts of yourself

that no longer serve you.

The true essence of You remains

and when you go into your heart

you are reminded of Who You Truly are.

It is your mind makes you feel like you lost something.

It becomes a chaotic place

and it creates a world of overthinking

But sometimes,

overthinking is what you need.

Because when you become comfortable with uncertainty

infinite possibilities open up in your life.

And when you are in this uncertain place

where it is easy to get lost,

You eventually realize that it always happens to help you.

It helps you find your way back

to what is really important.

And this Awareness is Key

because it always brings you back to what truly matters.

And what truly matters can Never be lost.

You are always brought back to your heart which is your Center

and where the True You resides.

And every time you find your way back

from the depths of uncertainty.

The easier it is to go back home to your heart

and remember what made you lost in the first place.

When you are back in your heart

you realize that everything that you thought

made you lost was all an illusion.

The more often you go back to your heart

to escape the chaos and uncertainty.

The more often you operate from your true essence,

which is a beautiful place where life flows with ease.

In this beautiful place, you are unaffected by anything

that changes externally.

Because internally you are peaceful whole and complete.

You are more than enough

and you realize that All that you Need

is within you NOW.

When you find that you lost your way,

always remember that it is all an illusion.

Created by a chaotic mind that thinks too much.

So catch yourself,

when you are overthinking.

Take a moment

and Stop.

Close your eyes,

put your hand on your heart

to find your way back home.

I Guarantee you that it knows the way.

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