What is the next fear You need to face?

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Never forget your failures, there is vital information that you can’t learn anywhere else. Especially when you can become resourceful based on your perception of the loss. Most see a failure as “The end”…
Nope, I am not cut out for this shit, fuck this, I quit!

I guess don’t deserve to be a mother, all men are assholes. #Solo

Man, this entrepreneurship ain’t for me! Too risky, and the ecomomy sucks! Might as well get a job and put my dreams to the side.




You’ve heard the stories.

You know the people.

They see every failure as evidence that they are not enough.

That they don’t deserve happiness, love, and abundance.

Every failure drives them deeper into a mediocre existence.

Heck, it’s soo easy to be average!

You take no risks!

You face no fears!

You will never fail because you are not willing to put yourself in situations where you can’t lose.

But you see, there’s another type of person.

The one who actively and aggressively seeks out situations

where they CAN FAIL. 

They understand that failure is where all the magic happens…

They know that not taking a risk is the ultimate failure.

How else are you going to push beyond your limits if you don’t force yourself into uncomfortable situations?

They Fail Forward, knowing that every failure brings them closer to the prize they’ve always desired.

They dissect the failure and examine its key resources.

1. Who did I become when my expectations weren’t met? (Anddd Yeahh…Let’s not be that person ever again)

2. What did I do right and what did I do wrong?

3. How can I take the lessons from this and improve in the future?

Once they extract the goodz,

they take imperfect Action to get 1 step closer

to the promised land…

If you read any biography of Greatness,

you soon realize that the Most memorable figures in history became Legends after overcoming massive adversity.

The bigger the failure, the greater the lesson.

“The cave that you fear holds the treasure that you seek”

One my favorite quotes, by Joseph Campbell.

I believe it with all my heart.


what is the next fear You need to face

so you can evolve you into your Next Level of Greatness?

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