The 1 Question that will unlock someone’s deepest desires…

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The 1 Question that will unlock someone’s deepest desires…

In order to influence someone, you must first find out what influences them?
One of the most powerful tools to persuade someone is understanding the science of aspirational identity.

How someone wants to be perceived will exhibit what influences them.

For example, most people make an investment to increase their status.

For a millionaire male entrepreneur, health is what they tell you they are buying,

but they are more so buying the status of walking confidently around the yacht with their buddies and having the status of a 6 pack.

If you scroll down your news feed, you will see all types of people posting signs of status and significance.

There’s a reason why someone checks in to a high-end restaurant and not a McDonald’s.

That being said, more than ever, in this Modern Age everyone has an aspirational identity.

Essentially, it is the way they want the world to see them.

This identity can be a person of intelligence who wants people to perceive them as “woke”
and they always share conspiracy theories.

Or the party animal who still goes to nightclubs and pops bottles at 50, he is hell bent on showing the world “he’s still got it”

What people are portraying is their unconscious aspirational identity.

That is why their social media is perfectly manicured to show you “how they want the world to see them.”

But of course behind the scenes,

it is not who they really are…

They are simply exhibiting who they aspire to be.

Besides stalking someone’s Facebook,

You can ask someone 1 very powerful question.

And with the response of this question,

You could literally read them like a book.

Their response to this question will allow you to decode them

and understand what their biggest fears, frustrations, dreams & aspirations are.

If you want to know what this exact question is,

I’m more than happy to Message it to you.

I don’t want to post a publicly, because people can do very evil things with it.

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