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I was at seminar watching a life coach who works with A-list celebrities share his secret sauce on becoming Famous! This guy was dropping his client’s names like he was at the Grammys, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber and even Nikki Minaj. He asked an interesting question, that had the entire crowd quiet & looking up to the sky for answers…

He said? 

“What is the main difference between someone who performs at the Super Bowl,

compared to a struggling artist who sings like a pro, but can’t even breakthrough YouTube?”

People were yelling out different things,
like talent! confidence! The Illuminati! etc…

After allowing the audience to chime in.

The celebrity coach speaker shared his secret,

“It’s quite simple. He said

The more successful the artist, the easier they could control the perceptions of others.”

Let’s say Rihanna walks into a random room.

Say a nursing home in North Korea where nobody knows who she is…

And she walks in like she just rolled out of bed, wearing pajamas, hair undone and no make up

Looking like regular RiRi.

Even though these people don’t know her.

She has a certain Swagger about her….

Just by her energy,

people know that she’s important and someone to gawk at.

At that moment,

she is controlling the perceptions of people around her based on her frame of reality.

On the opposite side of the spectrum,

A person who allows the perception of others to control them, is typically a lower status person.

They are so concerned about what others think about them and how they are being perceived.

They are constantly conforming to the labels of those around then.

Essentially, giving into the stronger frame which is the fear of what others think of them.

Two singers could have the voice of an Angel,

but the one that could control the perceptions of more people

will always be more successful.

The most powerful way to influence someone is to control their frame of reality.

The person with the strongest frame always controls the reality of others.

Someone as evil as Hitler created a frame of reality so strong,

that millions of Germans committed atrocious acts because they succumbed to his story.

Once you understand this,

you understand persuasion at the highest level.

When Rihanna walks into a football stadium packed with 30,000 concertgoers.

She controls that frame so powerfully,

that each and every one of those people are mesmerized by her every move.

Now how can you use this to grow your business or to impact people in a powerful way?

1 of the most challenging conversations that we have, is that of sales.

Sales is nothing more than a battle of frames.

A sale can’t happen unless there is tension.

The tension of 2 people wanting to do 2 different things.

The person with the stronger frame “closes the sale”

Aka the person who picks the ideal reality for the other person to adopt as their own.

This is also the case when you are trying to sell anything to anyone.

Let’s say you’re having a fight with your lover about where to go and eat.

The person with the strongest frame
gets to eat at the restaurant they love.

1 skill I focus on is selling 1 to many.

I’ve been doing seminars for years & I challenge myself to become a better persuader each time I speak.

I’ve closed multiple six figures in a single speech.

I’m not saying this to brag,

there are people far better than me who could make millions in 1 hour,
speaking to a room full of strangers.

They use the same formula Rihanna uses to perform at the Superbowl.

At the end of the day, if you want to be the best at what you do.

You have to learn how to control the frame of reality in every situation that you’re in.

If you’re interested in some ninja hacks on How to control the frame in any situation that you are in,

I’ll share my 3 most powerful reality Transformation tools.

If you do these three things, you will control the perceptions of others in such a way

that your reality is the only 1 they see…

As you can tell, I’m fascinated by this shit and if you are too,

comment the word FRAME & I’ll share my top 3 reality Transforming tools with you. 

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