Read this post if you want to make more money from your social media

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How to turn your likes into leads! Read this post if you want to make more money from your social media…Do you feel like from all the people that follow you, more of them should be buying from you?

We are all on social media for various reasons. To be quite honest with you, if I didn’t have an online business I probably wouldn’t use social media as often.
Sure I would login here and there to check up on friends and family.
But based on how much time and energy it takes up, if I’m not making money or changing lives with it, it is a Huge Time Suck!
Thankfully, I’ve been able to monetize my social media in such a way that a majority of my leads come from my organic marketing, all of my live events get filled from my social media posts and it allows me to impact people all around the world.
I essentially make money every time I post. If I didn’t I would definitely delete most of my social accounts.
A word that gets talked about often is, “Earnings per Follower. OR EPF”
Most people online entrepreneurs have a low earning per follower.
What that means is there’s a percentage of your followers that actually invest with you.
Most people are below 1% EPF where the top players in the industry go as high as 20% EPF.
Meaning if someone has 5,000 followers, 1,000 are actual buyers.
That is the name of the game moving forward, you must increase your “earning per follower.”
Sure you can run paid ads, and run them 24/7. But over the years the cost of ads and competition have gone up significantly.
Wouldn’t it be great if you could put out a post and 20 percent of the people that Follow you, Buy from you?
That would make business so much easier and you wouldn’t have to waste your time posting all the time just to settle for the crumbs.
I’m going to share with you some high level strategies on increasing your earnings per follower for the upcoming year.
Things I’ve used over the past decade for myself and my students to fill out entire programs with a single post!
Number one is understanding the speed of trust.
People buy from people that they trust.
The more trust there is in a conversation, the faster the transaction.
So what are some ways that you could increase your trust with your followers?
Well, the best way is vulnerability, sharing the difficult parts of your past and talking about your bad days.
The biggest problem with social media is that most people aren’t sharing their failures.
When I work with a student the first thing we focus on is creating vulnerable content that creates a deeper bond with your followers.
Most people forget that they overcame some major struggles and by sharing how they rose above a major challenge, they will inspire more people with their story of turning a tragedy into a triumph.
Transparent content creates trust faster than anything else I’ve seen.
You could tell the most tragic story and as long as you end it on a positive note it will outperform most other types of posts.
Thus increasing the speed at which your followers
Number two, creating specific content that solves problems.
Your followers are typically online looking for a good time, but oftentimes if they’re dealing with a serious problem in their personal lives.
When you call out that problem through your content,
you get their attention.
When it comes to making money online, attention is the #1 currency.
This will grab them by the throat so they watch your video, read your post or even read your long ass caption just to figure out a way to solve their urgent problem.
If someone is in pain and your content calls out that pain & gives hope of a solution,
your content will be far more engaging than a picture of puppies on your prospects newsfeed.
If you’ve read this far, you’ll realize that I called out a major problem in the first 3 sentences of this post.
We are all in the problem solving business.
In the bigger problems that you solve,
the bigger bucks you get paid!
Think about the problem that Elon Musk is solving and why he gets paid billions to save the world.
Your goal is to solve more problems for your clientele because when you solve their problems,
they will gladly pay you for the solution.
Finally, in terms of converting your followers into customers and raising your cost per engagement, you want to develop specific offers for your follower’s needs.
Now this is a big issue most people have because they have a variety of different programs that don’t quite fix their clients’ needs.
In the same way, where you’re solving problems through your content to show them you have the answers they’re looking for,
you want to create a specific program that solves their biggest need.
When you talk to them in their language using their words, using their struggles, you will greatly increase your cost per engagement.
Most times we have the curse of knowledge and we talk in jargon and use smart words that impress our colleagues.
Talk in the exact way your followers talk,
using their exact simple words.
In this way, you will greatly improve your skills of influence.
The greatest skill I can teach you in terms of converting your followers into customers is a quote by Marketing Legend Robert Collier,
“You want to Enter the conversations in your prospect’s minds”
Understand their fears, frustrations, dreams and desires and the better than they can themselves.
Articulate the conversations that are going on in their head and create an Aligned Offer that is exactly what they need.
“When you can articulate another person’s problem better than they can,
they automatically and unconsciously credit you with knowing the solution.”
-Wyatt Woodsmall
This Aligned Offer is what get them out of the hell that they’re in and into the solution that will change their life!
Also when it comes to your Aligned offer, the more they pay,
the more they pay attention.
That is why I am a BIG believer in putting out a lot of High Value Content and making Higher End Aligned Offers.
One of my mentors taught me to Give Freely of premium information, but also charge premium for implementation.
So that being said, what you want to do is start to think about these 3 powerful elements over the next few months,
creating more trust by showing more vulnerability and transparency.
Take people behind the scenes and show them how life is for an expert like you because most people think you’re a superhero.
They need to see the behind the scenes Clark Kent once in a while.
Also, you want to start creating more “problem solving content.”
It’s great to inspire people and motivate them, and show selfies of your cat, but you also want to be in a place where you’re constantly helping them solve the problems that keep them up at night.
In the same token, you are creating Aligned Offers that are totally Aligned to their needs!
If you are confused, spend more of your time talking, surveying and understanding the dreams, desires, fears, frustrations of your followers so you can create Aligned Offers that are far better than your competitors.
Simply ask them what they are struggling with and what they’re dreams are.
Conversations lead to Conversions.
I truly hope you found this valuable. If so, feel free to share it!
If you need more help increasing your earnings per follower, turning your likes into leads and crafting your irresistible Aligned Offer. Feel free to slide up in my DM’s, I got your back

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