The Big Vision

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I often request the window seat when I fly. On my flight back to NY, I sat next to a crabby elderly woman who grunted with disgust everytime I moved or made a noise! Every time I made her get up so I could use the bathroom she gave me this mean look and cursed under her breath. I felt like I was annoying the shit out of her, the moment I sat next to her.
It seemed like she was having a bad day, so I made some small talk to see why she was so angry?
She gave me short answers and hardly made eye contact.
She preferred playing CandyCrush on her iPad more than talking to me.
I left her alone and did not let her negative vibes affect me.
Instead, I focused on the incredible view from my seat.
I love staring outside with childlike awe as the plane gains altitude.
The world around me decreases in size as I fly higher and higher. The same building that towered over me becomes the size of an ant.
Whenever I travel, I gain a new perspective on my life.
It just occurred to me that our worries decrease in significance when we compare them to the bigger picture of our life.
Our problems seem insurmountable when we focus on them,
but in reality, they’re just a mere thought in our minds that we give power to.
A thought doesn’t mean shit when we gain perspective of how insignificant it truly is.
Looking down on the earth from 30 thousand feet makes me realize the sheer beauty of nature and how it just exists without any struggle.
Yet within that same landscape, there are billions of people suffering because of the stories in their minds.
I am often one of them, I catch myself getting lost in a story
that causes me to suffer,
That is until I become aware of how it’s not serving me and it is my trigger to refocus on the bigger picture.
I think about the future and how planes will eventually climb to higher altitudes.
We will eventually get to see what astronauts get to see.
Imagine getting so high and witnessing earth from space,
you see it’s true essence.
A beautiful blue planet thriving with life, existing as miracle among the surrounding orbiting rocks in the cold, dead space around us.
Even our magnificent galaxy is a tiny speck in when you think about the incredible vastness of the universe.
This insight alone always reminds me just how insignificant my problems truly are.
They say that we are made from the particles of stardust that formed eons ago,
yet at times we feel as useless as the dust beneath our shoes.
Rising above the bullshit gives your greater clarity, similar to rising above the clouds and entering the state of peaceful space.
You don’t have to take a rocket into space for this realization, you can always focus on your space within.
Align yourself to the deep inner peace that is often clouded
by the stories that make you suffer.
Serenity is within your grasp at all times when you focus on the miracles that surround you.
When I catch myself focusing on things that are not serving me,
I quickly focus on the things that I’m Grateful for at the moment.
This quickly shifts my attention to all the miracles in my life.
Your mind starts to appreciate the miracles all around you.
Like money in the bank, the quality of your life appreciates as you appreciate it.
The greatest miracle is to realize that you have a choice.
You can give your attention to the stories that keep you small,
or realize your Greatness as the descendant of a star
whose sole purpose is to illuminate the world.
I prefer this story, because it reminds me that I was born to Serve others at the Highest Level!
Of course, this is my story…. But what is your story?
What is The Big Vision that you are focused on whenever you feel small?
If you have your Big Vision, Type it in the Comments.
If you are in the dark about your vision,
realize that it may be found in your darkness because that is where Stars shine brightest.
If you’re lost, Feel free to message me, I want to help you gain Clarity on your Big Vision.
This will keep you focused on what is Important &
Rise Above what is insignificant.
Like focusing on a game of CandyCrush instead of having an epic conversation with the dude next to you
I got your back!

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