How to get PAID to Create an Online Coaching Program before its READY

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How to get PAID to Create an Online Coaching Program before its READY “SELL it before you Build it”. The Only Guaranteed way to MAKE Money Online πŸ™‚

I’m about to share a secret process that I’ve used to sell all my coaching programs, you can use this if you are just starting out or want to test a new offer!

Most people waste so much time in the old school way of “Build it and they will come”.

They will waste many months or even Years building the
“perfect online coaching program”, only to launch it and nobody buys it!

This is devasting!

For you to put in so much time and effort building something that nobody wants to buy. πŸ™

The way I launch a course and teach my students on how to validate an Idea is to SELL it First & only when you have the DEMAND, then you Supply it.

This way, you can validate an idea with an investment,

rather than taking someones verbal agreement of interest.

What I mean by that, is some will make an announcement that they are building a course to get XXX Result

and ask if people would be interested in buying it in the future.

Sure a few people will raise their hands,

but that does not mean that they will invest!

A better way to go about this is to Announce that you are launching a BETA Program
at a discounted price in exchange for a testimonial and feedback.


“I am launching a new program that will help XXX type of person achieve XXX result in XXX days.

It will start 2 weeks from now, leave a small deposit to hold your spot.”

This way people can pay you beforehand to COMMIT.

Then after you meet your COMMITMENT Quota, only then do you start building it out!

This way you get paid before you even start building the first module!

Here are the steps I use to validate a new online coaching offer before I even start building it:

STEP 1: Decide on your Commitment quota.

Example, I will launch the beta program at the discounted rate of $1000 in exchange for a testimonial and feedback.

My Commitment quota is 5 people for the 8 week course.

If you dont reach your quote, say less than 5 people sign up.

You give the people who left a deposit their money back and change your offer UNTIL you Reach your Quota.

If 5 or MORE people agree to pay the deposit,

you will then create a start date 2 weeks from now and have them agree to give you a testimonial + feedback for each week of the coaching.

*** Don’t even do STEP 1 Unless you are able to achieve the Promised Result within the TIME Frame ***

Mention that after the BETA program, the price will go up to $2000 when it is launched with the testimonials and fine-tuned from the feedback!

STEP 2: Decide on your TARGET MARKET,
the Specific RESULT you will give them,
and the time frame you will need to get them the RESULT.

Once you have that figured out,

post this template on all of your social media channels and email lists:

I am launching a new program that will help XXX (type of person) achieve XXX result in XXX days.

It will start 2 weeks from now, DM me to leave a small deposit to hold your spot.

Here is an Aligned Offer that I’ve used:

“I am launching an Online Coaching Program that will help coaches make an additional 5K per month in the next 30 days!

It will start 2 weeks from now, DM me to leave a small deposit to hold your spot!”

Since I have a larger social media audience, I can use the “DM me” call to action.

But if you don’t have a large following, you can also use these 2 call to action variations.

If you want more info about the program, LIKE THIS POST and I will message you with more INFO!


Comment YES below and I will message you with more INFO!

❌ If you don’t reach your COMMITMENT Quota with a few variations of this post, go back to STEP 2 and work on an ALIGNED Offer that reaches your quota! ❌

❌ Your Aligned Offer may have to be TESTED in various ways until you reach your Commitment Quota! ❌

STEP 3: Ok you have met your COMMITMENT Quota and have the deposits transferred to your bank account.

Name your Online Coaching Program & include the RESULT in the name.


Make 5k in 30 days.

The 8 week get a girlfriend method.

How to Lose 10 lbs of fat in 90 days without going to the GYM!

You can get as fancy as you want, just make sure that you are proud of the name of your program and that it has the RESULT in the title.

STEP 4 Create an OUTLINE for Each Week of your Coaching Program,

EXAMPLE: The Husband Attraction System. How to find the man of your Dreams in 12 weeks!

Week 1: Create a Vision of your Ideal Relationship.

Week 2: Write out the Qualities of your Dream Man

Week 3: Write out WHO you Need to Become to attract this type
of man.

Week 4: Get your ass out of the house and go to the places
where this type of man hangs out.

You catch my drift, you want to create an OUTLINE of ACTION STEPS your Student needs to take to achieve the desired RESULT.

STEP 5. FOR EACH WEEK, MAP out all of your content. This will include
Videos, checklists, templates, scripts, and action steps.

This way you have an overview of what you will deliver.

Decide on HOW they will receive your Support.


Facebook Group
Weekly ZOOM Group Calls
Members Portal
Email/Voxer Access

* You can keep it super basic for the beta testers, since they are getting a discounted rate and understand that you are fine tuning the program as you go along.

STEP 6. CREATE your ONBOARDING PROCESS on the expectations of your Online Coaching Program along with


As they are in WEEK 1,

Create a simple free survey for them to give you FEEDBACK on your coaching week by week.


Am I going too fast or too slow?
What should I improve?
What do you need support with the most?
What did you find most Valuable?

Take the feedback and Start budling WEEK 2

while they are in WEEK 1.

Essentially you are staying 1 WEEK ahead of your beta testers and building the coaching program as you go. πŸ˜‰

The best part about BUILDING it WEEK by WEEK is that it creates good pressure for you to build it out

for a LIVE group of Students that GIVE you Real time Feedback for your FUTURE LAUCH.

This way after the BETA test, your Online Coaching Program is FULLY Built out!

You can then AUTOMATE so potentially Hundreds of new students will go through it at the FULL Launch Price!

Also, the TESTIMONIALS + Feedback can be used for SOCIAL Proof in Future MARKETING!

If you’ve read this far, I commend you!

Now go take ACTION and work on STEPS 1 + 2 to Validate your NEW OFFER!

If you have any questions, feel free to Comment BELOW.

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I want to add some value to you based on my 12 years of online coaching experience.

Stay tuned for more Value Coming your way along with a Special Announcement that I’m Excited about!

Attract, Sell & Serve with your Superpower

– AJ

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