How do you know when you are #Winning?

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When I was a kid I would play basketball for hours on end . I grew up before smartphones. So that meant I went outside for entertainment.

I’m grateful that I grew up without a severe phone addiction. We would play all day, until the street lights came on.

I look back and wonder how I had so much energy?

It is debatable if it’s good to play for that long without a significant purpose?

Have you ever seen a basketball game on tv?

Imagine there are two teams on the court.

And they’re playing as hard as I can.

They’re passing the ball, hustling their ass off, running it up the court, passing like their life depends on it,

playing like their being paid millions of dollars while millions are watching.

And suddenly they look up to realize there’s no scoreboard, and no time clock?


That’s how most people live their lives.

They work hard and they waste a lot of time.

They really have no idea if they’re winning or

how much time they have left in the game?

Since they have no measurement of progress.

They can’t tell if they need to change their strategy

or of they are winning or losing?

Because they can never tell if they are truly winning,

they never allow themselves to Celebrate.

That being said, a wise man once said.

YOU can’t manage what you can’t measure.

So we want to make sure you’re playing in a game

where we know which direction you’re going,

how to measure your progress and when it is necessary to change your strategy.

So my question is this?

How do you know when you are #Winning?

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