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Yo I got so fucked up last night!

I’m still buzzed.




drinking again!

How many times have we heard that?

This is one of the many conversations I’m overhearing here at Starbucks.

Even though I have an office in my house.

I enjoy taking my laptop to Starbucks to get work done and to “people watch”.

Sometimes I’ll spend hours just sipping my iced coffee and people watching.

I pretend to be National Geographic, narrating the weird quirks of The Human Experience in my head.

It’s so fun to observe without judgement.

Especially, when you realize that everyone is your mirror.

After spending so much time in Starbucks,

I realized that it’s an ideal environment for

first dates.

It’s the funniest thing watching two people who swiped right on each other

meet in a coffee shop to have an awkward conversation.

“Hey nice to meet you,

you don’t quite look like the pics on your tinder profile ”

“Yah, that photo was taken in the 90’s before I got divorced and lost my hair…”

I’ve noticed that most dates start and end

in an awkward way.

It could be is that both parties aren’t as invested,

Aka starting a romantic relationship over a $3 coffee in the middle of the day…

You know what they say,

“The more you pay the more you pay attention”

It will be good to test the same exact date in a nicer environment to see the difference…

Well at least Starbucks is better than having your first date at dunkin donuts.

Every so often,

I will witness a powerful connection.

Where the conversation is Flowing and the chemistry is just right.

These 2 strangers will suddenly spend hours and hours engaged with each other,

without looking at their phone the entire time!


Even I stop what I’m doing,

when I witness a romantic connection in Action.

I guess you can say they are in a Flow State,

where you lose track of time and space.

You become totally engulfed in the present moment.

I truly feel that our lives should be dedicated towards living in these beautiful States,

for as often as possible.

In fact, a while back I stopped making my monthly income the main goal for my business.

Instead of keeping my profits at the highest level,

I started serving at the highest level.

I focused on being in a flow State the moment I woke up

until I put the head down to sleep.

It all started with discovering my Superpower and figuring out how I help more people with my amazing gift.

Even if I wasn’t in a work situation,

I could use my Superpower to help someone in every way that I could.

Kind of like a modern day superhero without the butt hugging tights.

I will be honest,

I don’t operate in a superhero flow State 24/7.

But having this as my objective has allowed me to be Aware of when I am in this beautiful state

and when I drop out of it.

Everything outside of my superpower,

I slowly stopped doing.

Overtime I started to eliminate, automate and delegate all of the things that make me tired.

This way I could spend more time in my superpower & gain energy and creativity the day goes on!

In fact at my seminars, I teach all of my students how to create a “Stop Doing list”

This way they don’t have to Do more things after the event,

but rathe, do less energy draining activities

and focus on more high leverage activities.

You must Simplify to Multiply baby!

I found that by making Flow my currency,

I’m making more money then I ever did,

as well as being far more fulfilled than when I made my income my primary focus.

That is why my life’s mission is to help 1 Million people Discover their Superpower and to create a beautiful life by Serving others.

This way,

being in a beautiful Flow state filled with Purpose

is their new currency instead of just their profits.

This leads to more freedom and financial abundance based on how many more people they help

by BEing in their Superpower.

If you have found your Superpower I would love to hear what it is!

But if not, I am more than happy to serve you.

There is nothing more than I would love to do than to help you discover your superpower and activate it

so you can make a bigger impact in this world!

I’m happy to do this free of charge as a way of giving back.

Feel free to message me I’ll give you some simple exercises that will give you clarity on what your Superpower truly is.

And if you see me at a Starbucks, feel free to stop by and say hi.

We can “people watch” together.

This is a lost art due to all the damn technology.

Like most things in life,

People watching is much more fun when you do it with someone else

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