Focus On The Present Moment

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Often times,​ we go through something and beat ourselves​​ up​. Wishing things were different. We replay ​movies in our mind of various scenarios​ that make us suffer​​, over and over again​.

​T​he truth is, you can’t change the past​. ​

W​hat has happened is ​already ​done​ and no amount of dwelling will change it in any way.

​You ​just​ have to accept things the way they are.

Sure, it may upset you to know that things happened the way that they did,

but since you can’t do anything about,

it doesn’t make sense to overthink it.

​Focus on the present moment​ and realize that things happen​d​ the way they did for a deeper reason.

Perhaps you don’t understand the reason right now,

just know that it will be revealed to you in the near future. ​

Trust me on this.

One day you will look back and understand why it had to happen the way it did.

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