High Off My Own Supply

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I just got High Off my Own Supply! I finished a mind-expanding session in this Float Tank. If you’ve never done it before. Floating in a sensory deprivation float tank allows your Body and Mind to Fully LET GO!

You’re suspended inside a sensory deprivation tank. The only physical sensation is the surface tension of the water which contains 900 pounds of Epsom salt, allowing your body to float in a blissful state.

The main goal is to allow yourself to relax completely, let go, and experience a deeper state of consciousness.

I have a daily meditation practice, but I can Never Get as Deep as I do in a float tank.
This is the ultimate “off switch to the world”.

The sensation of complete weightlessness and lack of stimuli allow dopamine, serotonin & endorphins to flood your body and brain.

Through this absence of stimuli, my mind overflows with creativity. I truly believe that you are one insight away from the next level of your life. I had a ton of them after this session!

I set an intention to have a breakthrough in my business, and boy did I have one! While in this deep state, a powerful idea came to me that made my entire body vibrate with excitement!

I literally wanted to jump out of the tank and record a voice memo about it! I find that when you set an intention, then commit to an experience that breaks your pattern, you get exactly what you need!

Especially when you allow your intuition to lead the way! I’ve been getting a lot of nugdes from my inner wisdom and this session gave me a ton of clarity on my new direction! I’ll be making an Announcemnt about it very soon!

I’m curious about what you do to “break the pattern” and create new insights in your life?

Not saying you have to float in a coffin full of saltwater, but I’m curious on how you generate a Flow state and Align with your inner wisdom?

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