Overthinking Makes You Suffer

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When you spend most of your time overthinking, you suffer.

When you’re in your head, tornados of thoughts take over and

create problems that don’t even exist.

True Peace lies in Loving what’s in front of You.

When you’re out of your head and engaged

in what is in front of you long enough,

you will soon be in a Flow State.

Flow doesn’t become about you,

it’s about the gift of what’s happening,

when you’re creating Passionately in the Moment.

When you’re in Flow, you’re gone.

When you’re in Love, it’s not about you.

Time disappears, you need nothing else,

and you disappear.

When you love what you’re doing,

when you love who you’re with,

time ceases to exist.

On the other end of the spectrum,

When you hate something or someone,

seconds feel like hours.

The simple formula for Bliss

is this,

Spend more of your waking hours in a Flow State by

doing More of the Things that You Love

And by spending time

with More of the People that You Love.

Above all else,

Time is the most precious commodity in the world

and should be spent on the things

that make you forget that it even exists.

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