Do You Journal?

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I started journaling 13 years ago when I came home from the hospital after a near death experience. I have not missed a day since. It’s the 1 habit that has had the Biggest Impact on my Life!
If someone offered me a million dollars for all my journals, I would not take it.

Here is what I write in mine:

🔥 What I’m Grateful for.

🔥 My Wins/Lessons for the day.

🔥 Experiences: People I’ve met, Conversations I’ve had & Places I’ve went.

🔥 My Intentions & what I Need to Accomplish to serve the world in a bigger way.

🔥 Being honest with how much I’m Aligned to my Higher Self throughout the Day.

🔥 Tracking my sleep, habits, nutrition, exercise and new habits I’m testing.

🔥 Calling myself out on my bullshit when I’m out of integrity with the Man I want to BE.

🔥 Most importantly, I often reflect back to see how much I’ve changed.

Sometimes we don’t realize how different things were just 1 year ago.

Do you Journal?

If so, what’s your Process like? 👇

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