Don’t Think Just Do

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I woke up this morning and I didn’t feel like doing shit!

When you run an online coaching business from home you
have freedom to work whenever you want,

but you also have the freedom to fuck around as much as you want.

Over time you discover certain habits & systems to help you leverage your energy & creativity,

so you don’t get burnt out.

You also learn ways to Pull yourself into Action to keep the income flowing and the business growing.

We are either motivated by pain or pleasure.

Would you rather be Pulled towards what you want or have to constantly Push yourself to get shit done?

“An inch of Action Pulls you Farther than a mile of thinking.”

For me personally, whenever I am stuck I use this 4 word mantra:



The more I hesitate, the more I procrastinate.

To say it more eloquently, I will quote someone famous:

He Who Hesitates, Masturbates.

-Mother Teresa

We all know that 90% of success is simply showing up.

When I catch myself mentally masturbating,

I just get front of my laptop, start typing how I’m feeling in the moment,

and soon after a post like this flows through.

Oftentimes, all you need to do is take a single Action Step to get PULLED Toward what you want.

Then, you start getting shit done Consistently…

Soon after, you create MOMENTUM which Is one of the most Powerful forces in the universe!

Before you know it, everything Flows and Falls into place.

All that is asked of you is to take the 1st Step.

Even if it’s a shitty step.

Don’t worry about not seeing the full path.

With every step you take,

a part of your path reveals itself.

And soon, you’ll be on the fast lane towards whatever your heart desires.

That being said, just take the first step,

even if it is in the wrong direction

You’ll go farther than if you standstill

and “think about the perfect plan”…

The moment you take a step of BOLD ACTION,

a Path opens up to towards a New World of Possibilities!

Right now if you are Feeling stuck and Need a kick in the butt, realize you are not alone…

Perhaps you’re in a place of analysis paralysis.

You have too many options and don’t know where to start.

Click on the Link on the Comments to set up a quick turbo coaching call to Get Unstuck so your business starts growing again! 💪

Most times, all it takes is the perspective of someone else to help you become aware of your blind spots and opportunities.

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Never ever, worry alone.

It’s OK to Ask for Help.

Sometimes all it takes is 1 simple conversation to change the entire trajectory of your day…

I got your back 🙏

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