I Woke Up Feeling Like Shit

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I woke up feeling like shit this morning, I couldn’t even get out of bed and slept through an important appointment. I had so much work planned, and I started off way behind on my schedule.

All of a sudden, I started stressing out.

I hate feeling like this, so I said to myself,

Why am I so damn tired right now?

I wish I woke up earlier

and didn’t miss my appointment…

This sucks!

I NEED to be Energized!

I NEED to get shit done!

Then I got even more upset,

because I resisted what was happening.

Most times, we can’t control what is happening,

whether it is being tired one day

or even waking up depressed,

If you wake feeling a bit down,

and you fight against the feeling and say,

“I don’t want to feel down right now,

I want to be happy….

I can’t do anything.

I wish it wasn’t like this”.


you could surrender to the feeling.

And that’s the hard part.

Believe me, it’s difficult

for a lot of us to Accept What IS.

But the more that you resist something,

the more that it persists.

So whenever you’re feeling something

you don’t want to feel,

you must surrender to it,

because when you surrender,

you do not suffer,

that’s the secret.

When your life doesn’t live up to your expectations

you create unnecessary suffering by wishing things

were different.

But you must know that

This too Shall Pass,

like a Rain Storm,

Bad moods, come and go.

However, the more you resist being

in a bad state

the longer it lingers.

Of course,

do your best to feel better,

Listen to music, take a walk, call a friend

do whatever boosts your mood.

Certain times you can do Everything

in your power to feel better,

but can’t seem to change your mood.

It is in these moments

when you must surrender

to your current situation.

At the end of the day,

life is about being at Peace.

And the more you accept the circumstances

of your life

the more joy you will experience.

The shit that we stress about today,

won’t even matter a year from now.

So do your best and live

in a state of Acceptance.

Learn accept rather than expect

because when you expect, you suffer.

Your Peace of Mind is way too important.

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