Create Your Reality

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Moment by Moment.

Thought by Thought

Decision by Decision.

You are creating your reality.

Once you become Aware of the power you yield

The secrets of the Universe will
bekon at your mercy.

Unfortunately, most people choose to ignore this insight.

And go along giving up their Life to random happenstance.

They’ll say,

“Yeah Life is unfair”

“Yeah the Economy Sucks”

“Yeah relationships are hard”

“Yeah it’s impossible to stay in shape…”

“I don’t have the time for anything”

To them I say,

Sure, go ahead be a victim.

Victims find it easier to give up their responsibility to an outside force.

Cause it ain’t their fault.

They blame someone or something that happened in the past
as the reason why their life is shitty.

Excuses are a dime a dozen.

Fuck that!

Take control.

Grab life by the balls.

Do the work and create your own reality.

Otherise, you’ll settle for whatever an average life gives you.

And guess what.

It ain’t much.

Life is way too short to be lived in a mediocre way.

Raise your standards and create a compelling vision.

Relentlessly work towards designing your ideal Life.

Believe me,

It’s soo worth it.

Especially, when you can look back on your life

and know in your heart that you did your Best.

Become obsessed about the things you want.

Otherwise, you’ll spend the rest of your life being obsessed with excuses

as to why you didn’t achieve them.

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