How Do I Become A Millionaire In 2020?

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I was asked this at my seminar,

I replied NO! Wrong Question…

“Well that’s what I’m trying to do… so why are you telling me NO?”

Because if you focus on just the money you will Never be a Millionaire.

I tell my students to shift their focus towards creating value in the marketplace that is worthy of millions.

Don’t ASK How do I make a million dollars.

Ask this,

How can I Add millions worth of VALUE?

Well, what does that exactly mean? ⠀

It means if you focus on delivering Value to people that will help them be better off than they were before they met you.

Then the money will be a by product of the Value you add to the world.

If you chase money, you will be chasing it Forever.

Believe me, I read so many books & watched so many videos
about becoming a millionaire,

Only to get frustrated & paralyzed with self doubt
when I couldn’t increase my income.

It wasn’t until I stopped learning new ways on how to
“make money”.

Instead started to spend more of my time & energy creating Value to help others. ⠀

At a certain point,

you need to CREATE more than you CONSUME.

Especially if you are Spinning your wheels, Overwhelmed & stuck in Analysis Paralysis

when it comes to Growing your Business…

If you focus on helping people and Serving with your Superpowers at the Highest Level, ⠀

you’ll never need to chase money

because money will be chasing you!

And you’ll feel fulfilled and much happier.

Instead of looking for a new strategy,

make a shift in your perception

and create a new reality.

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