Two Weeks At A Silent Retreat

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I just spent 2 weeks at a Silent Retreat & it was one of the Toughest experiences of my Life! All of my favorite things were taken away from me. It was the longest I’ve been without talking, writing, reading, social media, electronics, the Internet & Caffeine. 😋
There were many times where I wanted to quit! The first few days of the retreat were painfully difficult.

I had brutal headaches, fatigue and a severe lack of focus that seemed to last forever. 😝

I sat in silence for 10-12 hours a day and deeply reflected on my life & business.

I realized how much we depend on technology, substances, and stimuli to distract us.

After 3 days of sitting in silence, I experienced a tornado of thoughts that were coming up from my subconscious mind.

Random memories of the past flashed before my mind’s eye, mixed with aspirations of what was to be in the future.

I was on an emotional rollercoaster while I sat there in silence.

I went through so many different emotions from the peak of euphoria down to the depths of sadness about things that were totally out of my control.

My mind took me back to past traumas that needed to be faced and healed.

As each day progressed, I became increasingly resilient & found myself Aligning more into the Present Moment.

All of a sudden I experienced a flash of enlightenment that

“Right NOW, at this present moment, is the best there is”

I have always known this at a theoretical level,

but to know it with every cell of my body is unlike anything that I’ve felt before!

I realized that everything in my life happened the way it should & that I’m exactly where I need to be.

I then felt more Presence than I ever have felt before, it’s like time stopped.

I now see reality completely differently!

The same negative thoughts come up,, but I now observe them without attaching any emotion to them.

This retreat completely elevated my consciousness.

I reflected deeply on desire.

How we have a glamorous version of life that we aspire to enjoy at some “future date”.

However, when that time comes and we actually experience our dreams as reality, it is often not what we expected.

Our imagination’s version is much more appealing.

So why not create your own bliss from the inside out, instead of depending on an external source to give it to you.

We don’t have to wait for the “Perfect Moment”,

we can take any moment and make it “Perfect”.

Another major insight was my ability to strip down to the core of who I am.

We have all these identities that we take on and off like underwear on a daily basis.

Whether I see myself as an entrepreneur, a man, health-conscious individual etc,

all of these labels are a mere fraction of who I truly am.

At the deepest essence, we are far greater than the masks we wear.

I discovered my true self after peeling away all of the identities of who I am not.

The effects of this realization have been profound on both the mind and body.

I currently feel an immense level of peace in my heart.

A sense of love that cannot be put into words.

My mind is sharper than its ever been.

There is a tremendous improvement in cognitive function.

I’ve noticed that I’m much more focused on tasks, where in the past I would get distracted easily.

All of my senses have become significantly heightened.

Even an experience like listening to music is greatly enhanced.

Now I listen fully to every aspect of a song.

The beats, the lyrics and pure emotion in the artist’s voice.

Rather than going into a distracting chorus of repetitive mind chatter,

I am 100% percent engulfed into The NOW & can bring myself back faster whenever I get lost in thought.

I got a lot out of this experience.

I highly recommend you do something similar.

Perhaps, not as extreme as going to a 2 week silent retreat,

but just getting away from all the technology, social media, news and chaos that is always competing for your attention.

Getting away from the matrix will allow you to rise above the fog that blurs your vision.

You’ll come back with a new sense of clarity towards your life.

Just like rebooting your computer, you’ll completely reset your mind, body, & soul.

It is like a hard reset that will bring you back to feeling like a kid.

You’ll get Sky High Energy, epic sleep and an overflow of curiosity & creativity! 😍

As soon as it was over, I started journaling pages of ideas, breakthroughs & new ways to Help others!

I’m Super Excited to Serve at a Higher Level with all the new insights I’ve been integrating!

I plan on doing this silent retreat more often because it’s so necessary in this crazy connected, fast-paced world we live in.

If you want to do this exact retreat, it’s actually FREE and they cover your room, meals & accommodations.

It’s run by a volunteer-based organization, so it won’t cost you anything.

It’s a cause that I donate to. They are truly giving back in a powerful way!

I’m more than happy to share the details & I know you’ll get a lot out of the experience.

Whether or not you choose to do this retreat,

I urge you to spend a few days alone to reflect & to remind yourself who you truly are at the deepest level. 🙂

You’ll realize that the quieter you become,

the more you’ll be able to hear.

Reconnect with your inner wisdom, it has so much to tell you.

#Vipassana #MaximizeThisMoment

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