Scariest Night Of My Life

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I had one of the scariest nights of my life while I was traveling.
I was staying at this swanky hotel, not too far from the airport.
As I finally got to my room after a long day, I went right to bed and crashed.
As I lay dead to the world, I get awakened by LOUD Knocks, BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!
It startled the hell out of me and as I looked at the clock it was 3 a.m.

I thought it was a mistake, so I ignored the loud knocks and tried to go back to sleep.

Again, more loud knocks,


When I didn’t answer, it sounded like they were trying to kick the door down!


I started to get a little shaken up.

I said to myself, “okay, whoever is on the other end of that door is SERIOUS!

I jumped out of bed and walked towards the door, and in my loudest and meanest voice I said,

“WHO is It”?

I got NO response!

I then look through the peep hole,

and no one was there?


At this point, I was not only getting scared, but I was getting angrier by the minute.

I thought to myself, is this a ghost or the person who was sent to murder me?

I was so confused, especially since I was awakened so suddenly from a deep sleep.

Then, my adrenaline started kicking in and I went into survival mode!

I looked for a weapon.

I scrambled through my suitcase.

Shit, there was nothing sharp in there!

Then I remembered that I had a sharp pocket knife in my bookbag.

I grabbed it and flicked open the tiny blade.

Again I hear,


I walked back to the door ready for War!

I can feel my testosterone rising as every muscle in my body became tense.

I tightly clenched the open knife and hid it behind my back with my right hand,

ready to stab whoever was behind that door in the stomach!

I opened the door with my left hand, primed and ready to defend myself.

As soon as I opened the door,

I looked down and saw a short black woman with poofy blonde hair wearing a neon green bodysuit.

She had TONS of makeup on and reeked of rubbing alcohol and musky men’s cologne.

Her breasts were barely held together by the spandex bodysuit.

She looked like an OOMPA LOOMPA with a blonde wig.

As I was processing this woman’s ridiculous outfit,

she says.

“Mah name Unique, Is you Jerome?”

I said, Uhhh, NO?

Confused as to why she asked me that?

And WTF was she doing at my hotel room door at 3 a.m.?

She then said,

“OH somebody name Jerome called my escort company to hotel room 312.

I told her I was 311.

She then said.

“Oh my bad”,

and walked down to the next door, while balancing her short thick body on sky high stripper heels.

I could see her huge bottom bouncing up and down and stretching the shit out of the spandex.

It was one of the craziest outfits I’ve ever seen!

I plopped right back into my bed and not only could I not believe what I just saw…

I laid in bed and tried to process what the hell just happened?

I stared at the ceiling and reflected on how weird the entire situation was.

As my mind was absorbing all of this,

I then remembered that prostitution is the oldest profession and it will still be in demand 100 years from now.

Eventually, Unique will be replaced by a lifelike sex robot.

Humans have primal needs and they will always be satisfied, regardless of the modality.

That’s why it’s better to understand human behavior than to constantly focus on the newest platform or shiny object.

Elite Entrepreneurs know that even though technology will change,
human desire will remain the same.

When it comes to selling your programs, don’t focus too heavily on the newest software or app.

I recently saw a boatload of people sign up for TikTok, but I don’t know a single person who has monetized it.

I guarantee that you will make much more progress if you set aside a day to reach out to your target clients

and interview them about their Fears, Frustrations Dreams & Desires.

Enter the conversations in their minds and create content specifically for their pains & pleasures.

You will be able to Influence and Serve them far greater than your competitors.

Actually, I have a killer template that will Allow you to Enter the conversations in your client’s minds.

It is a Super Powerful Framework that will get your ideal clients on social media to raise their hands and want to work with you!

I shared it in my recent, Live Training on Scaling your Online Coaching business to 6 & 7 figures in 2020.

I shared a ton of great strategies & systems on how to get leads from social media by locking into human behavior.

I only give this to my high-level students in my Online Supercoach program

but I’m happy to share with you for Free in the comments.

By the way, this is how my nerdy mind works. Here I am thinking about human psychology and marketing.

While Jerome is getting busy in the room right next to me.

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