I Don’t Have A Valentine This Year

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I don’t have a Valentine this year.

But I still feel an immense feeling of love in my heart.

Although it’s not for any single woman in particular,

it is for each and every woman that has touched my soul.

My first experience of love was the love that I felt from my mother.

I owe my existence to the deep bond that we share.

Even before I took my first breath of oxygen,
my mom loved me.

I am forever grateful for that special love,

because my mom cared for and loved me unconditionally,

even though I put her through many sleepless nights

and long periods of stress.

She has helped me become the man I am today.

To this very day, she still holds me to a higher standard.

Always pushing me to become the greatest version of myself.

Sometimes it gets repetitive,

like how she reminds me of why I’m not married and why I don’t have kids yet.

But it doesn’t bother me one bit,
because I know it’s all out of love.

Then as I grew older,

I recall my first experience of romantic love and the feeling of completeness

that feminine energy brought into my life.
The first time I held hands with a woman,

it felt like I found the missing piece to my puzzle.

Our intertwined hands connected palm to palm
and it brought a different type of love into my life.

It’s the calming nature of a woman that makes me realize why I can’t live without them.

When everything in the outside world is chaotic.

Their soothing abundance of estrogen,

counterbalances my testosterone driven temperament.

I will forever cherish the long, beautiful nights spent with the women I’ve loved.

Filled with conversation, intimacy, and vulnerability.

I would not be the man I am today without the love these women have shined on me.

Whether or not we still talk,

I still appreciate them for all of the lessons that they’ve taught me.

Regardless of how the relationship ended,

every romantic partner has left an imprint on my soul that I will forever remain.

Finally, I want to dedicate this Valentine’s Day to my two grandmothers.

Sadly, there are not with me anymore.

I will never forget the sacrifice and the challenges
both my grandmothers went through to raise generations of children.

They both lived full abundant lives,

and had to witness many close people they loved passed away.

Now that both of my grandmothers are gone, their legacy lives on within me.

I’ve learned to love and respect women because of
all the wisdom they’ve bestowed upon me.

I cherish all of the sweet memories I had when my grandmothers were alive.

There will always be a special place in my heart for every elderly woman I meet.

Whether I go out of my way to carry their groceries,

be a listening ear for whatever their heart wishes to express,

or even having them squeeze my cheek and kiss me on my forehead,

these beautiful women deserve nothing but respect and adoration.

Nothing feels better than being hugged by a pair of soft loving grandma arms.

It is an indescribable warmth, like being wrapped in a blanket of love.

Every woman that has ever existed from birth until death

has inspired me to be the best man that I am capable of being.

And because of this love, I will never feel alone.

At any given moment when I look at a woman, even I don’t know them.

I see a daughter, a sister, a mother, and a grandmother.

Because of what they stand for and what they mean to me,

I see nothing but beauty.

And not just beauty in a physical sense.

I see the beauty that emanates from their soul.

The type that does not fade as time passes by.

When I was younger and naive,

the only beauty I saw was that of youth.

But as I’ve become older and wiser,

I realize that the beauty of a woman grows as she ages.

And as time passes,

my love and respect grows in unison.

Without you.

I would not exist.

Thank you.

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