My Life Changed Forever

by AJ Mihrzad on

At this moment, I knew my life was going to change forever. It was shortly after my freak accident where tore my quadricep muscle off my bone in Brazil. It was the most excruciating, intense pain I’ve ever experienced! 😖
In my darkest moment of pain & paralysis, I realized that something as simple as walking would now be taken away from me for a length of time unknown to me.

I knew my life changed in a drastic way.

I had no choice but to adapt. 😔

From that dark place of realizing what had just happened, I knew that this accident happened for me, to lead me to a new destiny.

While flying back for emergency surgery, I would come back home to the United States to experience even more chaos.

A crippling pandemic virus that would change the fate of the entire world. 🌎

I experienced a lot of darkness throughout the course of my accident.

🖤 I went through the 5 stages of Grief 🖤

👁‍🗨 Denial: This can’t be happening to me! The doctor is wrong, I don’t need surgery.

👁‍🗨 Anger: I am such an idiot for not watching my step, I shouldn’t have taken the stairs that day. I ruined my life.

👁‍🗨 Bargaining: Now that I am crippled, I can work on my mindset & business more. Being immobilized will allow me to focus on other areas of my life.

👁‍🗨 Sadness: Everything was going so great right before the accident. Why is this happening to me? The pain is killing me & I feel inadequate. I’m so depressed.

👁‍🗨 Acceptance: Ok this is my new reality, I will do my best with my current situation.

💔 I also realized that We are All Collectively grieving in one way or another.

👁 Denial: This virus is not that serious, we’ve had sars + other flus that they came & went.

👁 Anger: Why are you taking away my Freedom & making me stay at home. This entire thing is blown out of proportion!

👁 Bargaining: Ok I will Quarantine for 1 month but then you should allow life to go back to normal. I am essential dammit!

👁 Sadness: People are dying & the economy is destroyed. There is no end in sight. The uncertainty is driving me crazy!

👁 Acceptance: Ok this is our new reality, We will do our best with our current situation.

In order to find Peace, you must radically Accept your situation & to stop focusing on the things you can’t control.

After all, control is merely an illusion.

As we have seen over the past few weeks, we much less control than we anticipated.

🔥 One of the few things that we have control
over is our Perception.🔥

Even the most Tragic situation can be perceived in a way that is Empowering.

We can’t change what happened but we can change our Perception in an instant.

In this beautiful moment, we can choose to stop being a prisoner of our Past & not be paralyzed by the uncertainty of the Present.

Instead, we can Create a Compelling Vision & become the Architect of our Ideal Future.

I don’t know about you, but I am extremely curious about
the “New Normal” that is going to emerge from this chaos.

 I’m curious about your Perception…

 Have you found Acceptance

 If you have…

If someone is Grieving, Scared & Worried…

💙 What is 1 piece of Advice that you would give them to find Peace at a time like this

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