From The Worst To The Best Thing That Happened To Me

by AJ Mihrzad on

I want to share a crazy story with you about the worst thing happening to me, turning out to be the best thing that happened to me. As you know, I had a tragic accident in Brazil where I broke my leg during Carnival. Having my quadricep tear off my bone led me to some of the darkest days of my life while being in severe pain & immobilized.

I was very angry as to why this happened & so confused because moments before all of this I had so much momentum & I was living my best Life!

Despite all the pain & depression, I knew that ALL of this was happening for ME.

When I got back home while recovering from surgery,

I was contacted by a sweet Brazilian woman named Rafaela on Instagram.

She felt bad for me since I got hurt in her country.

She offered to visit me after surgery & wanted to bring over some home cooked Brazilian cuisine.

Being hungry & lonely, I agreed to her visit.

This happened a little over a month ago & from that moment, we just connected in a very powerful way!

You know how it is with certain people, the moment you meet them, you just feel so comfortable with them.

Everything just Flows.

After that initial visit, we just got closer & closer!

We ended up spending just about every single day together during the entire month we have been quarantined.

The more time we spent together, the deeper we connected.

All of this was totally Unexpected because after my tragic accident ALL I was focused on was my healing, becoming pain free, walking again & my mental health.

I was literally in survival mode & had NO intention of dating anyone!

I will admit, I have not fell for someone so quickly & deeply in my entire life.

Yes, I dated some amazing women & learned some great lessons from each relationship, but it was nothing like this!

Even sharing this with you is extremely vulnerable, but to feel what I feel at this moment is worth
the possible pain & heartbreak of opening my heart.

That being said, I am giving my ALL to this new relationship & I do not have any fear moving forward.

From experiencing some of the darkest moments of my life from the accident & having a challenging 2019, right now it’s the Happiest I’ve been in a looong ass time!

I am grateful that I met someone so loving, generous, kind, smart & supportive.

She is also ambitious & pushes me to be better each day!

We can just sit in an empty room, stare at each other & talk for hours on end…

Rafa has been helping me rehab, taking me to the doctor & holding my hand while I take my first steps (like a toddler).

I am so blessed to have met a woman like this during such a chaotic time.

All I want is for Everyone to Feel Love, because it truly is a beautiful thing.

I guess the best lesson in all of this is to keep believing in what you Deserve, NEVER SETTLE & to maintain the faith that True Love does exist.

If didn’t break my leg in Brazil I wouldn’t be dating this Amazing Brazilian woman…

This is a true testament that every time you are rejected from something good, you are actually being redirected to something better.

I’m Extremely Grateful to start this new journey with this incredible woman who is making me a better man & helping me to Heal in so many ways.ย ๐Ÿ˜

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