Are You Obsessed With Your Dream?

by AJ Mihrzad on

I was 10 years old when I wrote my first love poem. I had a huge crush on this girl in my class. I watched so many Disney movies growing up. I had a weirdly romantic side that was borderline delusional. I had this crush on this girl for many weeks and I figured it was my time to finally reveal it to her. I remember going home & writing a deeply passionate love poem about her beauty, her smile & everything about her. I was convinced that once she read it, she would fall in love with me & we would live happily ever after! ❤️

After writing it, I put it into a red envelope & spritzed my Cool Water cologne ALL over it.

I came in early to class that morning & I put it on her desk so that would be the first thing she would see when she got into the classroom.

The envelope was a bright red with yellow hearts stuck on it. I wrote her name in script, Giselle.

I sat right behind her, so that envelope was staring at me until she came in.

I had so much anxiety, my heart was racing & I was pacing in my char!

I finally saw her walking into class.

She didn’t make any eye contact with me.

As she sat down, she saw the envelope & started to smell the cologne I sprayed on it.

She then looked around, opened it & then started to read it.

As she’s reading the poem, I could tell that she got to the end, there was silence…

What was she thinking?

Was it the most beautiful thing she’s ever read?

Is she feeling the same way about me as well?

I was shaking in anticipation!

Then all of a sudden, she looks at the ceiling &

erupts with laughter!

WTF! 😫

As she’s laughing, she gives the letter to the girl next to her!

She starts reading it,

then her friend starts laughing too!

Then they both looked at me, point at me and start laughing even more!


At that point, I just wanted to die in my seat & never come back to class ever again!

That was one of the worst days of my life!

It’s painful getting your heart broken.

I learned a great lesson that day…

But I never gave up on Love! ❤️

Even though it was decades ago, I think back on that memory & remember all the highs & lows that came with it.

I laugh at how delusional I was,

but I’m also grateful for how courageously I acted by shooting my shot.

I’ve had an online business for close to a decade.

I think back on all the moments that I wanted to give up!

The first few years were BRUTAL!

But I persisted despite all the failures & heartbreaks.

In fact, I lost it all & nearly went bankrupt,

only to become a millionaire in less than I year!

Yes, times were tough as fuck,

but I NEVER gave up!

Sadly, I see so many people give up on their dreams.

I believe that your Dream dies the day that you stop doing the work it takes to get you there.

At some point, people throw in the towel,

STOP doing the WORK &

create a Bullshit story as to why they never achieved their Dream.

Excuses are so damn EASY to come up with…

🍩 Growing a business is HARD in this economy!

🍩 All men are assholes.

🍩 All women are bitches.

🍩 I’m too OLD.

🍩 I’m too YOUNG.

You see,


Most people’s problem is that they NEVER became Obsessed with their Dream…

They decided one day to GIVE UP & become obsessed with ALL the bullshit excuses
as to why their Dream wasn’t EVER going to happen!

That’s pretty fucked up man.

The man that’s on the $100 bill said this:

“Most people die at 25 & aren’t buried until they’re 75”

It’s terrible but true.

But where are you?

Are you currently pursuing your dreams with obsession?

Or making excuses & dealing with depression?

Listen I don’t have all the answers…

I’m not smart.

I’m not talented

And for sure,

I am not perfect by any means!

But I’m obsessed with one thing for sure,


Do you?

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