I Was Overweight When I Was Younger

by AJ Mihrzad on

The picture on the left was my worst. I had it all, chipmunk cheeks, man boobs, and a big ole belly. Worst off, I was depressed, insecure, and abusing drugs & alcohol. I had no confidence & I stuttered badly. This lead to a near-death experience that changed my Life Forever!

The picture on the right is after I lost 60 lbs of fat and became an Online Personal Trainer.

Fitness was my gateway drug to personal development.

Soon after I got in shape, I focused on mastering my mind.

I went back to school.

I got a Masters’s degree in Psychology and decided to start my first business.

I realized that everything you Desire has a Formula.

Whether you want to get below 10% body fat

or want to build a 6 figure business,

there is a proven process to get you there…

This insight lead me to the wonderful world of Entrepreneurship.

I applied the same principles of mastering my mind, body & health towards mastering financial wealth!

Getting healthy was much easier than getting wealthy for me.

I grew up very poor and had a lot of limiting money beliefs.

The Moment I became a millionaire,

I decided to devote my life to help people build an online coaching business that creates Financial Abundance!

I’m a BIG believer in achieving RESULTS for yourself first before you teach it to others.

Once I cracked the code to financial Abundance for myself and my first few students.

I started my company OnlineSupercoach

where I help trainers & coaches Attract, Sell and Serve with their Superpowers!

Often times, we underestimate how much our lives can change in a decade.

Not too long ago, I was depressed, insecure,
and addicted to drugs.

Now that I have become a better man.

I have the Opportunity to Serve people at the Highest Level!

Every time I look at this picture,

I realize that no matter how shitty life gets,

as long as I can breathe, I am Blessed!

I’m Grateful to be Alive & I’m Grateful for YOU!ย ๐Ÿ˜

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