I’ve Decided To Break My Silence

by AJ Mihrzad on

It’s been a tough week but I’ve decided to break my silence. Lately, I’ve been experiencing extreme feelings of heartbreak, anger, and a deep sadness towards humanity. I immigrated to the United States at the age of 1 as a refugee. We escaped a war torn country to experience the American dream. My immigrant family was poor and I grew up in a minority community.

Racism and discrimination have always been a big part of my life.

I saw first hand how evil some people could be.

My best friend growing up is black and I saw how differently we were treated in certain environments.

Whether we were profiled by the police or followed around a store,

I knew that we had it different than my white friends.

Even though I experienced racism much of my life,

I would NEVER hate a race because of a few bad characters.

Even the most heinous individuals, like the cop that killed George Floyd likely became that way because of his upbringing.

Thankfully, my parents taught me to Love Everyone and to never judge someone based on the color of their skin.

Even when my brother told my parents that he was going to marry a woman who is half black,

they approved 100%.

And now that my parents have 2 mixed grandchildren,
they are happier than ever!

For some families is difficult seeing their kids date outside their race.

I’m grateful to be in an interracial relationship and to have my parent’s approval.

Unfortunately for many people, this is not the case.

That being said,

I don’t have the answers for what is truly going on in the world,

I am deeply saddened and heartbroken by the turn of events.

But what I do see is PROGRESS.

In terms of race, 100 years ago the world was a totally different place and 100 years from now it will be even more evolved.

Study the science and don’t trust what the media shows you.

We are raising our Consciousness and learning that we are Connected in more ways than we know.

It’s up to parents to teach this to their children
because we don’t have a gene for racism.

It is taught.

As tragic and separated that the world has been this week,.

I feel that this extreme exhibit of Hate is greatly shifting the world towards more Love and Understanding…

Being in an interracial relationship myself,

I will teach my children to Love and to Accept ANYONE,
regardless of their race.

I just hope that more parents will do the same so their children do not end up being racist and cause the destruction that we are seeing now.

One of my heros, Fredrick Dougles was a former slave who risked his life to help eradicate racism in America said this:

“It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken adults.”

I wish we could end racism and stop the riots that are destroying so many lives…

But what we can do is to plant the seed in our youth.

To teach them what my parents taught me.

To LOVE unconditionally.

The chain of racism has to be broken.

It is taught from generation to generation and all it takes is someone in the family to STEP UP!

To shift a perspective and break the chain.

Right Now,

Someone is explaining to their child how to treat white people because of a bad cop

Someone is explaining to their child how to treat black people because of a riot.

All that I want is for an adult to read this post and to have a deep conversation with a child to eradicate any thought of racism.

All it takes is ONE shift in perspective.

ONE by ONE we will eradicate the most heinous of hate,

and realize that we are all ONE

and have always been ONE all along…

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