I Was Overweight When I Was Younger

by AJ Mihrzad on

I had to lose 60 lbs to get in shape & boy was it HARD! I have Chubby genes so I have to work harder than most to get lean. 😔

The positive thing about getting in peak shape is the Power of Muscle Memory.

Muscle Memory means that once your DNA has activated a specific level of body composition,

your genes quickly go back to that Exact genetic code.

To explain this simply,

If you were once muscular & lean it’s much easier to get back to your peak shape.

Of course, age, hormones, injuries & other factors can affect your Muscle Memory.

That is why muscle is difficult to build & much easier to maintain.

I will admit it took me some time to look like this,

especially since I was very overweight when I was younger.

The great thing is that it does not take much for me to get back into Peak Shape.

Even with breaking my leg & being inactive most of this year,

I did not lose much muscle or gain much body fat.

I found a similar thing happens in business.

I’ve been an entrepreneur for over 13 years now.

I will admit when I was first starting my business,

it was super difficult!

I wanted to quit numerous times,

but as I persisted,

I started developing “Marketing Memory”.

Like any entrepreneur,

I’ve had severe cycles of ups & downs with my business.

But 1 thing I’ve noticed is that over the years

the Down Cycles aren’t as bad as they were when I started.

Just like in Fitness,

if you master the 3 fundamentals of nutrition, exercise & cardio

you could stay in decent shape most of your life.

In business, the 3 fundamentals are Attraction, Sales & Service. (A.S.S 😋)

Once you’ve built a business to a certain level you can take those same fundamental skills
& build another business very quickly!

The key element of “Marketing Memory” is the ability to
Add Value to a tribe of people until they
Know, Like & TRUST you.

Once they see you as a Trusted Authority you then make them Aligned Offers that solve their problems.

Just like the fitness industry, the online business space has become very complex.

The simple formula of calories in VS calories out has been overcomplicated by the multitude of fad diets that saturate the marketplace.

That is why Obesity keeps rising every year, in a similar vein,

many struggling entrepreneurs focus on

“complicated shiny objects” & ignore the fundamentals.

For example, if someone is struggling financially,

they should focus more on Attracting their ideal clients into a phone call & Sell them their service

instead of trying to Build an elaborate
“super complicated funnel that sells a program on autopilot”

I see far too many Entrepreneurs struggling because they are Overcomplicating their business.

I have been guilty of it myself.

Whenever I Overcomplicate things,

I get stuck in Analysis Paralysis.

This simple act of adding Massive Value & making consistent offers will do more for your business

than tinkering with an “automated webinar funnel” that can take up to a year to dial in.

That being said,

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I share how you can develop “Marketing Memory” to crack the code of financial abundance.

Once you understand the principle of increasing your finances by using this formula it will make Marketing easier & more effective.

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