You Deserve Pure Unconditional Love

by AJ Mihrzad on

At some point, you will meet someone who will Awaken your soul.

They will ignite a fire deep within you, that you never knew existed.

An inferno of passion that will shed light on to your darkest areas.

You can share your deepest darkest secrets and feel safe.

You can be vulnerable without being judged.

You feel cherished and cared for regardless of your past.

This special someone will illuminate all areas that you’ve kept hidden from others.

They will accept you.

And embrace all of your imperfections.

When you feel loved and understood.

You will finally bring down the walls that have kept you guarded for far too long.

You need someone who genuinely cares about you and makes you better.

Someone who sees your Greater than you see yourself.

You deserve Pure Unconditional Love.

When you cross paths with this individual embrace them with all your might, and never let them go.

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