My Worst Nightmare

by AJ Mihrzad on

I want to share with you something I’ve Never shared before! The day my worst nightmare became a reality. I was sitting at my kitchen table opening my mail when I noticed this letter from the IRS. The first thing that came to mind is what do they want now? As I opened the envelope, I was shocked at what I saw, it was a letter from the IRS stating that I owe them $356,000!

At first, I thought it was a scam. I was hoping that it was fake. But as I read the letter, I realized that I’m in BIG Trouble!

At that moment, I went into a panic! I got extremely upset and fearful because I knew a lot was on the line.

I freaked out and thought about all of the worst-case scenarios.

The fact that I had to give back so much of my hard-earned money, and at the same time having to deal with the risk of having my freedom taken away if I don’t pay.

I’ve seen far too many people thrown into Prison for tax issues.

As I was holding the letter in my hand, reading it cautiously, my heart started racing, my chest became tight and I was freaking out because I never Owed this much money in my life!

After reading all the fine print, it did not state the reason WHY I owed the money?

I frantically called the IRS.

I had to wait 6 long hours on hold.

Pacing back and forth trying to understand why I owed this Huge Sum!

I always pay my taxes and make sure that I am fully compliant with the Tax Law.

Finally, they confirmed that I owed them the money.

It was for back taxes they claimed I did not pay in 2016.

They told me they have been sending me letters over the past year (which I never received).

They then told me they added an additional $55,000 in interest charges!

I swore to them that this is the first notice I have ever received, but they didn’t seem to care.

They had no mercy on me and they told me I needed the $360K paid within 8 days or they will freeze my assets, put a lien on my house, destroy my credit and publicly announce me as a Tax Evader…YIKES!

As I sat in total shock and trying to grasp what just happened?

I called my accountant and he was just as shocked as me.

He has never slipped up in his 40 years of experience to have his clients in a situation like this.

He told me he would work on the case and for me to not lose sleep or get stressed out over this, there had to be some kind of an error.

But unfortunately, this Triggered me worse than I expected! I came to America at the age of 1 and my immigrant family grew up in poverty.

We struggled so much to make ends meet. Seeing this day in and day out, I made a choice to make a better life.

As I got older, I became aware of my limiting beliefs and worked hard to become wealthy & successful to achieve the American Dream!

Even though I made millions, I still had a lot of financial fears about Losing Everything and being Poor again…

This situation with the IRS confirmed that I may Lose it all and it will set me back financially and mentally.

Over time, dealing with the IRS got progressively worse.

Even though my accountant and I sent them the proper documentation, they kept sending me more aggressive letters and had an IRS agent assigned to my case.

He constantly called me threatening me to Pay.

The worst part of it was getting calls throughout the day from various people and businesses because now the IRS made my Tax Problem public.

I was getting harassed constantly by people trying to take advantage of my debt with the IRS.

I saw my credit score plummet down to Nothing!

This was a total nightmare and I lived in Constant Fear.

I was constantly reminded of how bad things were going to get.

At a moment’s notice, the Government could seize all my assets and I can’t do a Damn thing about it.

Or worse, I could lose my Freedom and be put in Prison for something that is totally out of my control!

I then came to realize that even though I don’t have control over the outcome of this entire situation, I do have control over how I feel and my perspective.

I knew at that pivotal moment, I needed to do something quickly before I went into a deep dark black hole.

I started an Unstoppable Mind routine to condition myself to handle all of the increasing uncertainty.

I was going to the gym to train with weights to strengthen my body, but these specific exercises strengthened my mind.

I began to meditate on ALL of the worst-case scenarios: having to pay the bill or possibly even doing time in prison and losing everything I ever worked for, including having my reputation ruined.

As I meditated, I realized how many financial fears I still had.

As they came up, I forced myself to feel them and to face them fully.

I learned how to sit with the pain until it passes…

As I started to fully feel the feelings that I have been avoiding, I figured out how to process them and rise above them.

Thankfully I went through many rock bottom situations in my past.

I had long bouts of unemployment.

I also had burglaries, a house fire, and business losses which put me in moments where I had less than $100 in my savings account and I was ready to file for Government assistance and food stamps.

Overcoming these difficult losses taught me how to put myself in a position where I learned how to create income, save, invest, and prepare exactly for situations like this.

I also used the Uncertainty and Fear as Fuel to drive me to Create more as an Entrepreneur.

I’m Grateful to have an understanding of business, marketing & sales where I can generate extra INCOME to balance what will be taken away from me by the IRS and outside forces.

The Biggest Shift I made with my Unstoppable Mind routine was with my identity.

Redefining who I am, especially if I lost everything financially I no longer cared if was a “7 figure Entrepreneur” and I started the process of detaching my identity from my material items, money, and status.

Over time my Unstoppable Mind routine allowed me to Forge a new identity and I realized who I truly am without the external objects.

I woke up with a newfound peace of mind and built a whole new level of resilience.

It’s as if I built Armor around my mind.

I was equipped to handle any worst-case scenario.

Little things seemed trivial and I learned how to ACCEPT rather than Expect.

As I began to practice radical Acceptance with every area of my life, I learned to Let GO in a way I that I’ve never experienced before!

I was so thankful that I put myself into this Unstoppable mindset because this situation with the IRS did not go away overnight.

Over the next 6 months, the situation got progressively worse with them, but I became stronger and more resilient with my Unstoppable Mind routine.

I went about my life and did not allow ANYTHING to Phase me. Then my friend Veronica invited me to an event in Brooklyn, called Vulnerable AF.

She was a former student of mine who started to do a series of events around Vulnerability where you enter a room full of strangers and share your deepest darkest fears.

I’m a sucker for personal development, so I signed up immediately!

When I was at the event, I was paired up with a random dude.

Within seconds of meeting, we did an exercise where we shared something that was stressing us out.

He went first and opened up about some really deep shit, I felt so terrible as to what he was going through!

It was REALLY Messed up!

Feeling terrible for him, I was speechless, He then asked me what I was stressed about.

I then told him about my Tax Bill but I answered in a nonchalant carefree way.

He was kinda surprised that I was in such a place of Acceptance with such a major issue.

I didn’t think much of the exchange and went home, enjoying the event and conversations.

Then the next morning, I was woken up by the collection agent from the IRS.

I was expecting the normal Harassment call.

But, he called me to notify me that my case was CLEARED and Fully Dismissed!

I said WHAT?

Repeat that again a few more times, I asked him!

He said it was cleared and a mistake on the IRS part.

I jumped for joy and Celebrated like I won the Lottery!

A huge weight was lifted off my shoulders!

Then literally, I kid you not, out of nowhere 3 days later

I received another letter from the IRS with an additional mistake.

But this time it was in my favor where I got a bonus check of $100,000 for tax overpayment!

It was quite a turnaround…

I honestly feel that my Unstoppable Mindset routine Helped me throughout the entire situation,

but it also Evolved me as a person to Overcome my limiting money beliefs and create a new Unstoppable Identity.

It is now the foundation of my mindset process and I would Love to share it with you!

Going through all of these tough and uncertain times in my life and overcoming the fears,

I’ve come up with a sure way to shift your limiting beliefs with a simple routine to build yourself a new identity that is Aligned with your Higher Self.

It only takes 10 mins a day and it is POWERFUL!

It’s a concentrated version of what I’ve learned in my 20 years of personal development, Masters in Psychology, and experience from coaching over 1000 conscious achievers!

I’ve never shared my Unstoppable routine before, but I feel it’s necessary at time like this, where we are ALL living in Constant Uncertainty!

I have nothing to sell, other than sharing a process that has changed my life for the better!

If you’d like the Powerful 10 min mindset routine type UNSTOPPABLE and I’ll message it over to you! 🙂

I appreciate you if you made it this far! Like Winny said,

If You’re Going Through Hell, Keep Going….

– Much Love 🙏

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