A Deadly Plant Saved My Life

by AJ Mihrzad on

I went on a life-changing retreat where I had a ceremony with Iboga. It is an ancient plant medicine from Africa that has been used for Thousands of years to Heal. It was the most difficult, yet powerful experience that I’ve ever had! I researched this plant for many years, I’ve read great things about it’s healing properties. But it is also deadly if used incorrectly, so I made sure to only do it with the right person.

I mainly wanted to heal my Leg and to reset my body & mind.

I found an Amazing Shaman who has healed countless people from terrible life-threatening ailments with Iboga.

I decided to go ALL IN and Commit to the journey.

It was BRUTAL, but just what I needed!

Even though I prepared for it thoroughly, I did not eat or sleep for 36 hours while I was under the influence of the plant.

It had an incredible way of resetting my entire Body and Brain.

I went through 20 years of Therapy in 2 days!

I experienced EGO Death as the worst and best sides of me battled with each other.

My entire life flashed before my eyes and I saw my future as a Heaven or a Hell depending on my choices.

After surviving it, I felt like a New Man!

For the first time in my life, my mind became perfectly clear and has stayed that way.

All of my mental chaos went away and I have peace of mind ALL of the time.

Even after being tested with challenging events, I am unphased.

I feel truly #UnFuckWithAble

I also have zero cravings for caffeine or anything that alters the mind.

My energy is sky high and I’m sleeping better than ever!

The plant breaks down to a metabolite called Ibogaine, which resets every cell of your being.

It changed my entire outlook, and it even helped stop all the bad habits that I’ve been trying to quit for years.

I’ve been staying off social media, technology, and other time-wasting activities.

My Productivity & Focus is through the roof!

But the best part about the experience is that it fully Healed my Broken Leg!

Prior to consuming the plant, I was not able to walk up and down stairs, squat, or even jog.

But now I can walk up and down and move freely as if I never tore my Quadricep.

I was scheduled for another surgery next month and I Canceled it, because I Don’t need it!

I’ve experimented with drugs and plant medicines over the past 20 years,

and I can honestly say that Iboga is the Best and LAST mind altering substance I will EVER Consume!

Besides quitting caffeine, I’ve also Quit alcohol and all other substances.

I highly recommend this plant if you’re curious about making a Massive Change in your Life!

Or perhaps you have an ailment that has not been healed by anything else.

Maybe you know someone that wants to eliminate their bad habits and live their best life?

I honestly wish I did this sooner because Now I’m a big advocate of Ibogaine!

If you would like to know the exact process I did, which I researched extensively for safety and effectiveness,

Send me a Message and I will Guide you for Free!

I have no financial stake in this.

I just want to Help more people Heal with this incredible plant.


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