AHHH I’m Having A Shitty Month In My Business!

by AJ Mihrzad on

Being an Entrepreneur is too damn Hard,
I feel like Quitting! 😭
If I keep having bad months like this,
I’m going to Lose it ALL!
Soon I’ll be homeless & eating dog food just to survive πŸ˜–
We’ve all had thoughts like this…
Entrepreneurship is Hard AF.
Anyone that tells you it’s Easy lies about other shit too.
We are the type to spend years doing what others won’t
so we could live in a way that others can’t.
That being said, I’m coming up on my 15th year of Entrepreneurship.
I’ve been through so many ups and downs.
Based on all my years of experience, along with the wisdom I’ve gained by coaching hundreds of badass business owners,
❌Here are 3 Super Effective Strategies to Implement if you’re having a shitty month!❌
Ideally, you want to do ALL 3 but even if you take Massive Action on 1, you’ll start to quickly turn things around!
βœ…1) Put all of your focus on Generating 10 new sales calls per week (2 new calls a day Monday – Friday)
“The smaller of the area of Focus, greater of the mind’s Clarity.”
Be prepared to message close to 100 people a week.
Follow up with old leads, past clients and people that were on the fence!
❌***Connect with your Social Media Followers***❌
1. Message everyone who liked, commented or engaged with your content this week!
Send an icebreaker Message:
*examples: (Always add their first name after Hey)
Hey I appreciate the support
Hey thanks for liking my post
Hey thanks for commenting on my content, good to connect!
2. Talk about their goals Get them Excited (What is their Ideal vision?)
3. What Problems are holding them back? (challenges, struggles)
4. Make a Promise that you can help, offer a quick call and set it in your calendar for the next day
❌***Re-Connect with Old clients, friends and follow up with On the Fence leads!***❌
Hey (first name) It’s been a while since we’ve last connected.
Just wanted to see how you’re doing?
*Use the same framework to talk about their goals, struggles, and how your coaching can help them,
when they show interest, book them on a call!
πŸ”₯Super Strategy: Use video messages.
They are more personal and have the highest open rate.
Facebook & Instagram have them built-in.
I use an app called Dubb for email and text video messages.
Or you can host them on an unlisted YouTube link.
βœ…2). Create More than you Consume!
After you read this post, take a break from learning and focus on Massive Content Creation!
Pick a day a week and batch film videos:.
I usually pick Saturdays.
❌I’ll film ten 1-3 min videos, back to back. then post then throughout the week.
Batch filming is far more efficient because after a few videos you get warmed up and they are much easier to film. ❌
Just have some extra outfits on hand and change your backgrounds to add variety to the videos.
Attention is the #1 currency!
The more content you produce, the more attention you get!
The more attention you get, the more money you make &
lives you Impact!
πŸ”₯Super Strategy: Here is a framework to use on your videos to make them effective for lead generation:
***** Problem, Process, CTA *****
Call to Action
Call out a problem that your target market has,
Explain 1 simple process (WHAT it is & WHY it’s important)
HOW is the call to action:
Example (CTA’s): “To Discover how to do this in detail”
*Comment below
*Like this post
*Go to this website
1 problem, 1 process(solution) 1 call to action
Before shooting my back to back videos I create a list of titles to flow from.
There’s a time and a place for creating videos when you are inspired in the moment,
but to be Prolific you have to be Strategic!
πŸ”₯It’s much harder to shoot a 1-minute video than a longer one,
but as we know people’s attention spans get shorter each day so you must practice brevity.
πŸ”₯After you Publish your videos, take note of which ones get the Most Engagement
and Transcribe them on TEMI (10 cents a minute video to text)
Use the text version of the content in an email or post a few weeks later. It will convert just as well 😎
βœ…3). Host a Live Event!
I’ve hosted close to 50 live events and they are my favorite way to Transform lives and generate Massive Cashflow!
There is nothing like making an Offer to a room full of people!
Especially when you are Selling 1 to MANY, instead of Selling
1 to 1.
The best thing about a Live event is that you don’t have to do it unless you meet your quota.
Just make a post to test the response & if you are able to meet your quota
then follow through on finding a venue and planning the presentation + pitch!
πŸ”₯Super Strategy: Use this Template to TEST your Live Event response:
“I’m going to Host a Live Event next month in (Location)
about (Result your Target Market wants)
without (Things they want to Avoid)!
Comment YES if you want to Join Us?”
πŸ”₯ Figure out how many YES’s you need before you follow through on making the Live Event Happen! πŸ™‚
(If you don’t meet your quota Simply message the peeps to let them know it’s canceled & you will notify them when you will host it at a future date)
πŸ”₯I recommend giving yourself 2-8 weeks to fill an event properly.
πŸ”₯ Free Live events have a Low Show up rate, even if you charge $20 more peeps will show up because they have skin in the game.
πŸ”₯ Don’t be concerned about making too much on the ticket sales, most of your money will be made at the seminar when you Pitch your On-Going Support!
“The more they pay, the more they pay attention”
πŸ”₯Pro-Tip: Most people commit to Live Events last minute so don’t get discouraged if your event doesn’t fill too quickly.
That’s why we offer Early Bird Pricing πŸ™‚
πŸ›‘Disclaimer: These 3 Strategies require you to Hustle, it is not sustainable in the Long Term (You will get Burnt the F Out)
βœ…I recommend that you install Systems + Automation in your business to ensure you don’t have shitty months in the Future.
πŸ”₯ Marketing System that Attracts Quality Leads Consistently
πŸ”₯ Sales Funnel that Converts your Aligned Offer on Autopilot
πŸ”₯ A Leveraged Progam that Serves your Clients with your Superpower:
If you need any assistance implementing any of these 3 strategies or Scaling your Business Past 6 & 7 figures with the right Systems and Automation,
Feel Free to Message me, I’d Love to Serve You! 🦁
“Don’t think, Just DO!”
πŸ˜€ Please Share this Post with a friend to stay Accountable!πŸ˜€
πŸ”₯Serve with your Superpower!πŸ”₯

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