You wake up and get a phone call from Elon Musk.

by AJ Mihrzad on

He sounds frantic! The moment you say “Oh Shit, THE Elon Musk?” He proceeds to tell you that he’s not himself. His companies are failing and he desperately needs to hire you as a coach.
Elon then tells you that he is willing to pay you a Million dollars to help him get out of his slump!
He desperately needs to regain Momentum for his businesses to grow again…
Perhaps you’ve never had a Billionaire Superhuman Entrepreneur client?
But this sounds like an Amazing Opportunity!
After quickly accepting his offer…
You decide to come up with a set of tactics and strategies to help him grow his business.
But soon after, you realize that Elon is worth 209 Billion dollars!
He probably doesn’t need a new strategy to grow his business.
The highest use of the time you both have together is to simply remind Elon,
of WHO the Fuck he is!
That alone will bring him back to his true identity.
It will quickly get him out of the slump and back into Momentum with his business!
This applies to YOU as well…
Often times, you don’t need to search for a new strategy or a tactic outside of yourself.
Sometimes, all takes is to simply stand in front of the Mirror,
look deeply within
and remind Yourself of WHO the Fuck YOU are!

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