Celebrating the 1 Year Anniversary of the Worst Accident of my Life!

by AJ Mihrzad on

I’m Grateful to be pain free and to walk again normally!
I went into a Deep Depression after the Accident.
Overcoming the Mental and Physical Pain pushed me to my Limits.
On top of that, dealing with multiple surgeries and All of the complications really messed me up.
I thought I would never walk normally ever again.
It was Brutal. I was in excruciating pain and had a mean limp for 9 months man! πŸ˜‹

Thankfully, I met Rafaela 1 week after the accident who was an integral part of my healing process. πŸ₯°

She stretched me out, forced me to do my annoying exercises, showered me, and drove me to the docs and therapists daily.
Most importantly, she believed in me even though the docs told us that fully healing my leg was hopeless.
Even though I’m still not 100%, I’m blessed to be where I am!
This entire ordeal Humbled me.
From being pushed around in a wheelchair,
to needing my hand to be held to walk to the bathroom,
to taking my first steps like a toddler.
Over the past year, I had to train my body/mind to do simple movements that I took for granted.
I legit Celebrated when I could walk up/down stairs with no hands, and shouted with Joy when I was able to do a simple squat!
Going through a major health scare makes you realize what’s important…
Being pain free and back on my feet truly is a miracle for me!
Now that I’m living in Manhattan, I walk 2-3 hours a day like it’s a privilege.
NYC Marathon here I come! 😝
Looking back, I Now understand why things happened the way they did…
From getting hurt in Brazil, meeting my Beautiful Brazilian Soulmate, the Life Changing Lessons and
All of Growth I experienced over the past 12 months!
All of this truly happened FOR ME and it changed my Perspective.
Life is beautiful.
No matter how hard it gets, as long as I can walk,
breathe and think, I am blessed.
Thank you for being on this journey with me πŸ™

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