I Was Walking Through The Streets of Manhattan And An Elderly Monk Stopped Me

by AJ Mihrzad on

He looked to be in his 80’s, with deep wrinkles, long white hair, and piercing eyes that have seen many things happen in his long lifetime. He put his hand on my shoulder and told me that I am a special soul. That I am destined to impact the world in a Powerful Way! With that comment, he sure had my attention so I decided to listen to him…
As I was listening to what he had to say, I noticed he had a little brown leather satchel that was hanging from his shoulder.
It looked to be about 100 years old because it was so tattered.
All of a sudden, this Monk put his hand into this satchel and pulled out a beautiful, shiny set of beads.
He went on to tell me that if I wear the beads I will experience Great Success in my life!
At that moment, I leaned in closer and fully opened up to hear what he was saying.
It feels good when some random stranger calls you special and gives you a nice gift. 😁
But, as soon as I accepted it,
he asked me to give him $10 in cash!
I was confused?
For a moment I thought this man was giving me one of his most treasured gifts
and he sure made me feel unique with all his sweet talk.
Shortly after stroking my Ego, he tricked me for ten bucks! 😫
I then said to him,
why would you stop me and say all those nice things when you’re just wanting me to give you money for your beads?
As I was looking at the beads, they lost all of their luster and value.
The elderly Monk proceeded to quickly snatch the beads out of my hands like a Kung Fu Master.
He put them back in his satchel and walked away in anger.
Of course, it wasn’t about the $10,
it was more about the principle.
Why would he give me something with
the expectation of getting something back?
I realized that this Sneaky Monk makes
a Living out of Tricking people.
This is Not an ethical business.
It made me think about other business owners and the Act of
Giving with Expectation.
A big part of Growing a Business is creating something of Value in exchange for Money.
I’ve had an online business for 11 years and in order to thrive,
you have to consistently Innovate & add Value to the Marketplace.
I’ve had the great honor of coaching thousands of people in my online programs, courses & seminars to grow their biz.
In all these years, I’ve realized that the people who GIVE the Most become the Most Successful.
Most times it’s not an equal exchange,
you’re not going to get back in Return to the Exact Proportion in what you GIVE.
Oftentimes, you must GIVE & add VALUE at a High Level, only to get back a small percentage of your Output.
The biggest reason why people Fail is the lack of Consistency over the long term.
Some newbie business owners make a few posts on social media and expect to be a Millionaire. 🀣
Whereas some of the Most successful Entrepreneurs often GIVE without Expectation for Years before they even become profitable!
That is why I love reading biographies and watching documentaries about the Greats.
You soon realize that they had many failures but persisted on their dreams despite all the drama.
The Secret to Success is to Add Value consistently over time.
Sure, you may get lucky and go viral early on, but this is rare.
Oftentimes, it’s Easy Come, Easy GO.
That is why most people Quit early on.
They are Giving with the sole intention of monetizing immediately.
Just like the Money Hungry Monk, you get nowhere fast and ruin your reputation.
If you are reading this and have been adding value for a while and not getting a return,
keep Giving…
If you genuinely help people
And stay true,
You will soon Break Through!
You must realize, Consistency will
Always take you to the Next Level.
I truly Appreciate the people that Stay Consistent,
Give more than they take &
Add Massive Value to make
this world a better place. πŸ™

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