How A $400 Investment Makes You $280,000 In 2 Weeks

by AJ Mihrzad on

I posted this in my IG Story earlier.
I got a ton of responses & questions.
I figured I’d write a post explaining it.
Lately, I’ve become Obsessed with Crypto.
Not just because of the insane returns I’ve been getting from it, but more about what it represents.
It symbolizes FREEDOM for me!
I’ve always been fascinated with finances.
I used this passion to grow many businesses & to help others make more money to create a better life for their family.
I was grateful to have a wealthy mentor when I was younger who taught me about investments, real estate, stock, funds, and the Immense Power of Compound Interest.
However, I came to realize that our entire financial system may crumble into pieces.
Here are a few reasons why:
Currently, the US 27 Trillion in Debt!
40% of ALL the money that is currently in circulation
in the world was printed just in 2020.
Along with the After Effects of the Pandemic,
The Government Compulsively Printing Money,
Giving away Trillions in Stimulus payments,
And the High Possibility of Hyper Inflation.
We are predicted to go through an Economic Crash
of Global Proportions…
But this post is not about doom & gloom.
By no means can I predict the future & all of these events unfolding in precise order.
These are all facts that you can research yourself.
Most importantly, you can be Proactive & take the Appropriate steps to protect your Family if shit hits the fan.
Based on my own research & the advice of people far smarter & wealthier than me.
The best way to safeguard your family is to study & invest in Crypto.
I myself am in the process of converting most of my assets into Bitcoin & Etherium.
I’m progressively transitioning all of my Fiat Currently
into Crypto Currency.
If you haven’t noticed Currently Crypto is at an all time high and it’s going to exponentially increase in Value over time.
The market cap for Crypto is over 2 Trillion right now!
The Dollar is literally losing value over time & it may even Collapse which would be catastrophic.
This is not financial advice.
I am just sharing what I am personally doing based on my rigorous research.
I had the great honor of recently investing in an Incredible Crypto Trading group & it has paid off for me Tremendously!
I’ve learned a lot from being around like minded people who are supportive & future focused.
The Crypto market is largely unregulated, which has its pros & cons.
The biggest pro is the opportunity to create exponential wealth in a short period of time.
Certain coins are legit getting me 100X in profits, it’s crazy!
With all of the profits I am gaining from my Crypto, Stocks, Real Estate & Business income,
I am literally buying more Bitcoin/Etherium & holding it for the long term.
In this way, if the Economy Crashes, my Family will be safe & protected with a high-value asset that will Grow substantially over time.
My main purpose, was not to inspire you with a get rich quick strategy of trading crypto,
but more so for you to pay more attention to it as a way of protecting yourself & your Family.
I believe in “Getting Rich Slow” with stable assets over long periods of time.
While focusing on Diversification, both with investing in different areas, along with generating income from various sources.
My online business and short-term stock & crypto investments are my top income-producing assets
that I use to invest in more long-term assets that are “Crash Proof” & that will Grow Exponentially over time.
By no means am I a Crypto Guru, I’m just someone who is Passionate about helping others achieve Financial Independence.
I grew up very poor. I worked hard to get myself out of poverty & studied the game of wealth for decades.
I get fulfillment by giving back & inspiring others into Action by changing their financial situation.
If any of this resonates with you, feel free to Hit me up & I will guide you in the right direction based on my personal experience.
I will close off by saying this.
We are in uncertain times, You must be willing to Protect yourself, your Family & what you cherish, No matter what the cost.
Question Everything… Especially the Systems in which you base your Life, Family & Freedoms on. ❤️

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