There Is No Such Thing As A Perfect Partner

by AJ Mihrzad on

A good partner will make you a Better Person & take your life to the Next Level! Yes, we’ve all see those quotes on social media & often times it comes from a place of Lack, you will only be “complete” once you “find your Perfect Soulmate!” Or if you’re stuck with a crappy partner, dump the Dud & Go find yourself a Stud! As if there is one person out there that will Love you, Save you & make you Happy Forever!
Many people have an expectation that “Good Relationships are Easy”.
But in reality, Relationships are not Easy.
You have good days/bad days, arguments, disagreements & extreme emotional ups & downs.
There are times when the relationship is a 10/10 &
times when it’s a 2/10.
But every relationship challenge is an opportunity for Growth!
In fact, I believe that a romantic relationship is the greatest Personal Development one can go through!
Despite all the challenges I can honestly say that Rafaela made a better man & indeed took my life to the next level.
Over the past year of us being together. She has Optimized just about every area of my life! Even relearning how to walk again, after being paralyzed in bed with a broken leg & torn quadricep.
I’m currently in the best shape of my life, making more money than I have while doing what I Love!
I’m Happier now than I’ve ever been!
And most importantly I’m living with the Love of my life & future baby mama! 😋
I’m so Grateful for the life that we have & I’ve never been more Excited about the Future!
Love is a beautiful thing.
I sincerely hope every person on this planet gets to experience it.
With that being said, we both had to GROW & LET GO of deep-rooted limiting beliefs that we didn’t even realize were holding us back.
In May of last year when we moved in together, after a month,
shit hit the fan!
We became Perfect Mirrors to each other & made each other see the Worst sides of ourselves.
There were a few times where we wanted to End It!
Break up & never talk to each other again!
But it was in those hard times that we decided that our love for each other is BIGGER than any disagreement!
Certain aspects of ourselves came to the surface, we had a choice of ignoring what needs to be fixed & instead go find another partner
(who likely will have to deal with our stubborn bullshit)
How about working on our bullshit together & fixing it forever?
Right now in my timeline, it’s BR & AR. Before Rafa & after Rafa.
I Can’t imagine being with anyone else! We are each other’s best friends.
We coach each other to become the Best versions of ourselves.
And we support each other when we are feeling our worst.
Our Bond Greatly improved when we realized that our Relationship is not a place where we go to take, but rather a place where we go GIVE.
By constantly Giving to each other our love grows stronger &
our bond lasts longer.
We realized that there is no such thing as the “Perfect Partner”
We are two imperfect people that are “Perfect for each other.”
And because we made that Commitment.
We are NEVER EVER Giving up on each other 🦁♥️🦁
Speaking of, we have a Very Special Surprise that we will be sharing with you real soon…

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