The Worst Thing That Happens To You May Be The Best Thing For You

by AJ Mihrzad on

Zubaida had her body damaged in a fire and her face was never the same. This is a sad story that really humbled me. She lived with her parents and her 8 siblings in Afghanistan. Zubaida was pouring kerosene into an indoor home cooking stove while it was hot. The fuel ignited and she caught on fire!
She sustained serious burns to her face, neck, chest and arms.
When the fire was extinguished, her father took her to a nearby medical provider where she was given simple ointments.
As her condition worsened, her father decided to travel to Iran for treatment.
She was admitted to a hospital in Iran for 20 days and then discharged.
The doctors there suggested her father to take her home to die.
Zubaida did not die, but her injuries resulted in horrible disfigurement, severe functional impairment, devastating depression and crippling low self esteem.
After a brutal year of living in excruciating pain, a local shopkeeper recommended to Zubaida’s father, Mohammad to seek help from the Americans for his severely burned daughter.
She was taken to the American Army base in Kabul.
There, Zubaida met with American military doctors and they decided to contact the U.S. State Department to see what could be done.
With the aid of the Children’s Burn Foundation, Zubaida was brought to America for treatment at The Grossman Burn Center.
Zubaida, completed 12 major surgeries over a course of 1 year and within a short period of time, the transformation was astounding!
She began school for the first time in her life at Round Meadow Elementary School in Calabasas, California and learned to speak English in just 3 months.
She attended psychotherapy and physical therapy, and also developed many new friendships with her classmates at school.
Zubaida say’s that she would like to be a pediatric Doctor to heal children with similar injuries and to help rebuild her country when she grows up.
Virtually all who came in contact with her gravitated towards her, sorrowful over her tragedy, amazed by her courage, reveling in her transformation.
So many amazing people came Together to help this one little girl and give her something that she was almost robbed of,
her childhood.
This beautiful story gives me faith in humanity and shows how many people devoted their time, energy, wealth and wisdom to help a stranger, purely out of love.
Zubaida will always be scarred physically but after overcoming such a horrific experience, she’s become stronger and wiser.
This triumph over tragedy story of one little girl’s unbreakable spirit and iron will truly warms my heart.
I can’t imagine being disfigured, left for dead and surviving after years of excruciatingly painful surgeries.
Most importantly, her terrible misfortune led her to come to America and created a better life for her and her family.
This is a great reminder for you to realize that
the worst thing that happens to you
may be the best thing for you
if you don’t let it get the best of you.

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