by AJ Mihrzad on

An elderly homeless dude with a long white beard just barged into me.
He looked at me, deep into my eyes, and started Yelling!
I looked at him totally confused?
I ​​soon ​​​​​realized that this man ​i​s not mentally stable.
So I just awkwardly ignored him and ​k​ept walking. ​​
A​s I walked past him, ​​​h​e kept on saying,
Be prepared, the end is near!
Be prepared, the end is near!
Be prepared, the end is near!
As if he believed it with every cell of his being.
And he is not alone, there are many people
that believe that we are seriously living
in the ​”​end of times.​”​
They are convinced that the world is going to end,
and there are signs that it is happening ​​​soon…
Signs such as Gay Marriage, ​A​dvances in Technology & ​​​Robotics,
and even​ ​Marijuana Legalization​​.​​
​​For some people these are signs ​​​​that ​the End is Near!
I personally think these are signs
that the world is ​​getting​​ Better,
Not worse.
The funny thing is that a thousand years ago
people said the same shit,
“the world is going to end, look for the signs!”
and a thousand years from now
people will still be saying
“the end is near!”
Whether or not the world ends tomorrow,
I do not know?
But I do know
one thing is for certain…
If I felt like the end was near,
what type of effect would that have on my outlook on life?
It would be pretty shitty.
When people prepare for the end of something
they start to give up on it.
Think about how you act at the beginning of a relationship
compared to the end of a relationship.
Nobody knows when the world will end
or if it will even end at all.
But that is not important.
What is important is for you
to Focus on the Present Moment,
like, Right Now.
Because THIS Moment is
what is for Certain.
NOW is All we have!
It is the only proven thing that exists.
The past is already gone,
and the future is not yet here.
There’s only one moment for you to live,
and that is
right Here & right NOW.
Anything beyond this moment
is a figment of your imagination.
That being said,
Allow others to ​F​ear that the end is near.
And leave them the task of preparing for it,
even if they choose to give up on their current life.
But You have the choice to be Born Again,
in This Moment.
Because Every Moment we are Born into a ​​beautiful ​​world
of infinite possibilities.
And What You Do R​​IGHT NOW​​ is what Matters Most.
Decide if you want Love
​​o​​r if you want Fear
to be the driving force of your Life.

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