We Are Surrounded By Mental Illness

by AJ Mihrzad on

Twenty years ago it was not as prominent. It’s either that more people are losing their marbles or it’s that mental illness is misdiagnosed more often by unqualified people.
A boyfriend that chooses to end the relationship: Narcissist!
Little boy with a lot of energy who
can’t sit still: ADHD!
Woman who decides to get
butt implants: Body Dismorphia!
Person who disagrees with your post on Facebook: Mentally Retarded!
Sadly, as Society we are so quick to label others based on our judgments.
As I alluded to, most people are not qualified to make a proper diagnosis,
so they label someone with a disorder to make themselves feel better.
As time goes on and more mental disorders are added to the DSM-5
(Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders)
And the more Judgemental people will misdiagnose them with the wrong disorders.
One Disorder that I’ve been thinking a lot about lately is DELUSION.
We all know a delusional person who believes in an fantasy version of themselves,
even though their reality does not match up with it at all.
Having a delusional person in your life is quite challenging, it’s as if you want to tell them that it is impossible for them to accomplish their goal or that their worldview is unrealistic,
but it’s tough because they are so certain about it &
every cell of their being believes in their fantasy.
If you tell them the truth, oftentimes they will get very upset with you and they may never talk to you ever again.
Even though you and everyone around them sees reality as it is.
The delusional person is committed to a fake fantasy that will never ever happen.
On the other end of the spectrum,
you have a Realist.
This is a person who is totally in touch with reality and they see things EXACTLY as they are.
There is no inflated sense of importance or perspective based on fairy tale.
Sure the Realest may not be living on cloud 9 24/7 and they aren’t constantly daydreaming about things that will never happen.
Instead they live in reality and see things for what they are.
And they’re able to Control the circumstances of their life to make their vision a reality.
I’ve often found that the most successful people I’ve met are Realists.
Their vision is in line with their actions and they do whatever it takes to make their reality match their vision.
Whereas, most delusional people I know are ALL Talk and No Action.
They often talk about the great things they will do but when it comes down to doing them,
they come up with excuses find significance by playing the victim.
We were all delusional at one point,
perhaps when we were 5, we put on a cape and believed that we could fly.
Or at one point we got too cocky and let our Ego put us in a situation in which we Failed terribly and embarrassed ourselves awkwardly.
Ideally, at some point, most delusional people wake up from their fantasy dream and realize that this type of thinking will not get them anywhere in life…
Hopefully, they will one day have a breakthrough in their self-awareness and realize that their goal is in no way aligned to the person they are,
what they’ve achieved in the past
and that their vision very unlikely to come to fruition.
And at that moment they may transform into a Realist…
A person who sees things as they are,
knows exactly what needs to be done and takes the appropriate Actions to do whatever it takes to accomplish the Goal!
I would love to get your take on this…
is life Easier being Delusional or being Real?
They say ignorance is bliss.
Is it better to become a Realist and live closer to Reality
to be Delusional and live life as if it is
a Fantasy?

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